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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 22nd June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 22nd June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Abeer regrets on his actions on knowing what he did last night. Karuna says you went to Amla to talk to her about your feelings, you wanted to make her understand that you are repenting on your mistake and feeling pain. She says Amla is not ready yet. If she had woken up then. Abeer says she would have got scared seeing a devil. He says you said Amla is not ready and asks if she will be ready, and lower her hatred for me, if she will forgive me ever. He cries.

Divya is in the room and recalls Darshan torturing her last night and cries. Viraj comes to her and asks her to listen to him. Divya asks her to just go. Viraj apologizes to him and says a mum forgives her child then why can’t you. Darshan comes and hears them. Virak says I am a criminal and have done a bad sin. He says Dad said that I was drunk and did a mistake. Divya says you are just like your father. You said it happened in a moment and says that girl is getting punished as four devils jumped on her as if she is a meat piece, as you couldn’t compress your natural instinct. She says even an animal have a natural instinct and there shall be some difference between animal and human. She asks him to go and apologize to Amla. She says her wound would be fine with your apology, and says she will hate herself all her life. And you have made Abeer as sacrifice lamb. Viraj cries.

Karuna tells Abeer that there is a difference between sin and mistake and says this one sin have ruined your life, and you have learnt a teaching. Abeer says I got drunk as I wanted to forget that and bear her hatred, but couldn’t. Karuna says you have to learn to live your life and do penance slowly. Abeer asks when I will get peace and says he sees dark everywhere. Karuna says you are not suitable for her, and asks him to become Abeer which she knows. She says Amla hates this Abeer and can’t hate old Abeer.

Divya asks did you, Evan and Suveer do penance once and says may be Abeer will get forgiveness, but you people will never. She says you have trapped Abeer and he might see hatred in Amla’s eyes daily for him. Viraj says I didn’t do anything with Abeer, Papa and Malik uncle have decided to get him married to Amla. She says you are not upset with Papa, and loves him even now. You just hates me as I am bad. Divya asks him to think about that girl and says how a woman feels when somebody controls on her body forcibly, smashing her existence.

Mando comes to Amla and tells her that Dev was mad about you, now even Abeer couldn’t stay without you. She says I couldn’t get chance, but you got it to make men roams around you. Amla asks what nonsense you are talking? Mando says Abeer came closer to you in the night and you didn’t open your mouth. She says Mannu sleeps besides you and asks her to send Mannu to her room and stay with Abeer, says you have licence now. Amla asks who came to me? Mando says he practice on you before marriage. Amla is about to go. Mando says where you are going. Amla asks her to move and goes out. She recalls the trauma, picks a stick and starts beating Abeer asking how dare he come to her. Abeer is shocked and tries to stop her. Mando gets happy and thinks now Karuna will see Amla’s other avatars, and thinks she has to stop her. She stops Amla and asks if she has gone mad? Abeer holds his hand. Amla runs inside the house. Abeer and Karuna looks on.

Divya says a woman suffers pain and trauma of rape every moment. She explains to him about rape, and says self hatred. She says rape victim hates themselves and wants to end life. She says you have done that and who can understand better than me. Viraj is shocked and asks what. Divya realizes what she said and asks him to leave. She pushes him out of her room and cries badly. Darshan hides.

Karuna says you will not get repentance so soon and says mando light the fire, but you have given her chance. Karuna says nobody will believe that your intentions are right and says if I would have been on Amla’s place then I would have done the same. Abeer is shocked and goes. Amla cries in her room and says how he came to me. She cries badly recalling getting raped.


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 23rd June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Karuna tells Amla that Abeer intention was not bad last night. Amla says he is a bad human and asks her not to talk to her about him. Dev comes to the office, and the contract killer gives him money. Abeer gets Dev’s voice message that he will search him anyhow.