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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 22nd May 2017 Written Episode Update


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 22nd May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Mando says what do you think that if you go from here then you can hide from your crimes and asks him to do penance. Bhao asks Mando to come. Mando tries to hear her and bell gets pressed by mistake. Karuna opens the door. Mando laughs and says she forgot what to say. She then say that they have to support each other as they are alone in the city.

Rishan gets Viren’s call and he asks him to shift some shares on his names. Rishan says he will see seeing the company’s performance. Viren says company performance is solid and will be always. Rishan says he will get shares transferred on his name in the morning. Viren thanks him and ends the call. Rishan thinks he is asking EMI for my favors. He gets his secretary’s messages and pic massages. He wishes her happy birthday. She asks him to come before 12 and wish her. Rishan says this is not possible as Pallavi is awake. Secretary takes pics in revealing clothes and sends to him. She asks him to make her sleep and continues to send the pics. He smiles seeing her pics. Pallavi comes there and something falls down. Rishan gets alert and keeps the mobile down. Pallavi asks why he is shocked. He says nothing and switches off his mobile. Secretary tries calling him. Pallavi asks him to come for dinner. He goes.

Karuna comes to Amla and says she wants to talk. Mando says she is very stubborn and takes Karuna to side. She says we will handle ourselves, but she will take care. She asks her not to make Amla think about justice and asks her to make Abeer realize his duty for her. She asks her to order her food. Karuna says ok and goes.

While Karuna and Abeer are about to have food. Mando comes there and says she didn’t order paneer vegetable seeing the price. She tells that Amla makes paneer curry well and says I will make her have this. She takes the dish saying she will make Amla have it. Karuna and Abeer are surprised seeing her greediness. Karuna asks him to have dal.
Divya comes to Viraj’s room. Viraj says mom. Divya signs him not to talk to him and goes. Viraj gets upset and drinks wine.

Secretary Rasika asks Rishan why did you switch off your phone when I sent you message and photos. He says he was with family with whom he was sorting out some issues. Secretary says this is the same family, because of whom, you came to me, to get rid of them.

She says it has to be something serious and asks what happened? She says only she tries to maintain their relationship and says it hurts whenever he ignores her. Rishan says today is your birthday so we will celebrate it today. She says she has some expectations from their relation and if he can’t fulfill then tell her now. Evan is about to go inside the cabin, but Suveer comes and takes him to show something. Rishan tells Rasika what is her expectation. He says he will not divorce Pallavi, and asks who told you this. Be realistic, you know who am I? Pallavi is my life and I can’t leave my family, kids and business in one go. He says you are not 16 years of age to have fallen in love. Rasika gets irked and goes.

Evan sees Rasika coming out of room upset. He tells Suveer that Rishan hurts many people and it will cost him one day.

Dev is sitting at a tea shop. Manisha says it is less sugary and asks him to take sugar refill. She asks him to sit. Dev sits. She looks at him and says I am trying to understand you. Dev asks her not to try to understand him. Manisha asks what happened? He gets a call and disconnects the call. His phone rings again. He switches off phone. Manisha says you have come here, fighting with your family and tries to guess. She asks what is the story? She says both of you might be misunderstanding each other and asks why you are going to Mumbai. She asks if he is going to act in films and asks if he has any relative there. Dev says no. Manisha says you can stay in my house. Dev asks if you let stranger stay in your house. Manisha says we have travelled together and asks him to befriend her.

Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 23rd May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Amla shouts seeing Bhao and Abeer bringing her box and says it is box of her dreams. Abeer is shocked. Mando asks Abeer to keep the furniture in the room. Amla stops him.

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