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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 23rd August 2017 Written Episode Update


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 23rd August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Amla tells Mahi that this is my truth and of Suveer also. Mahi is heart broken hearing the truth, and says Suveer…..cries. Amla asks do you remember the day of your engagement night, and tells everything how she was gang raped by Suveer, Evan and Viraj. Mahi asks her to stop and says she couldn’t bear anymore and hugs Amla crying. Everyone is waiting outside for Mahi. Rishan looks angrily at Evan and Viren. Mahi says it means whatever was written in the newspaper was truth. Amla says sorry Mahi. Mahi says not you and says I am sorry Amla.

Darshan asks Viraj not to get scared and says Rishan will prove that the girl is doing drama. Divya gets angry. Viren tells Rishan that they shall tell everyone that the girl is mad and wants to get money from us and says I will handle everything. Rishan asks are you mad? That girl is dancing on our head, I cant trust you, you are useless. He says Mahi is Manvender Thakur’s daughter and now he will become our enemy. Pallavi cries. Evan says they are behaving as if they are caught. We shall behave as if we don’t know her. Hema says I am worried for you. Evan says nothing will happen to me alone.

Mahi comes back with Amla. Suveer tries to talk to her. Mahi asks him not to talk to her. She hugs Ritu and cries, please take me from here. Manvender ji asks what did she say? Mahi says she don’t want to have any relation with Suveer and asks him to take her. Rishan says whatever this girl is saying is not true. Viren says these kinds of people need money and wants to blackmail. Suveer tells Mahi that he don’t know her. Mahi asks him not to lie to her and says she knows the difference between truth and lie. Viren says she is blackmailing us since she came to Mumbai, her family wanted to come here and blackmailed us.

Abeer asks why did you try to stop us from coming to the marriage, and why you were not letting Amla meet Mahi. Mahi says Viren Mama sent goons to Amla to get her killed and asks her Papa to send security with her, and says she shall reach home safely. Manvender says you have kept us in dark. Rishan says this is a misunderstanding. Manvender ji says if this was a misunderstanding then our daughter wouldn’t have refused for marriage. Ritu says we were doubtful about you people, but you people hide everything. Manvender says you have to pay a big price for this. Rishan asks him not to listen to Amla and says she wants just Suveer’s money. Abeer says you have harmed Amla, suppressed her voice and today even tried to kill her, but then also she came here so that Mahi’s life don’t get ruined just like her. What did you say that she came here for money, no, she didn’t want money or justice. Mahi cries. Abeer says Amla is truthful, and you all are liars. He asks Amla to come.

Manvender asks them to stop and says my security will drop you home and asks security to follow their car and be with them till they reach home. Mahi hugs Amla and cries. Amla also cries. Mahi says thank you Amla. Amla folds her hand infront of Manvender ji. He also folds his hands. Abeer and Mahi leaves. Suveer asks Mahi to listen to him and holds her hand. Mahi slaps him hard. He says what is the use of your education, your big cars, your wealth…when you couldn’t respect a woman and says you are worst than an animal. Evan thinks why did Mahi shouting on Suveer and thanks Amla in his heart. He says Amla is lying. Mahi asks Manvender ji to come. Rishan says she has no proofs. Ritu says if she needed money then she would have asked and says this is a limit. Manvender says it is waste to talk to him and says you have to pay a big price for the betrayal.

Abeer and Amla are in the car. He asks are you fine? Amla says she is feeling light and unburdened today and asks if Mahi’s life will be ruined with this. Abeer recalls their marriage and says it was good that Mahi came to know before the marriage, else her life would have ruined.

Rishan breaks the glasses at home and asks Viren where is Bablu Singh and his goons. Viren says jija ji. Rishan says now we have nothing, no business and respect. That girl took away our everything. Pallavi says she didn’t say anything wrong. Rishan asks him to keep quiet else he will slap him. He asks Viren about using Dev and asks if he is kept to wipe our face. Evan says I want to teach them a lesson, but you stopped me, now you handle. Viren says we will only handle, we are suffering because of you. If you had killed them then we would have been ruined. He says if Amla have any proofs and why did she give wrong proofs. Mahi heard her, but nobody have any proofs and says they will change the situation in our favor and prove Amla wrong infront of him. Evan laughs and says your all proofs are flop. Viren says if all my plan are flopped then you wouldn’t have been here. Evan says I am not high profile son of this house and says you can handle only Suveer, but now you can’t handle his life and laughs. He says I will go and see how they sleep peacefully.


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 24th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Amla tells Abeer that she always hate him. You always trust me, protected me, supported me and says thank you Abeer. Abeer looks at her.

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