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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 23rd June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 23rd June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Mando comes to Raghu and thinks about telling him about Amla, thinks about her anger and then tells Raghu that Amla is hungry and said let her be alone. Raghu says he will go. Mando says she will be fine soon and said leave her alone. Raghu says I will check once. Mando says sit with your laadi for sometime. Raghu gets shy. Mannu comes and asks for food. Mando scolds him and asks him to go. Amla cries. Mannu comes to Amla and tells Mummy refused to give her food and asks what to do with my stomach’s rats now. Amla says she will make parathas for him.

Dev comes to work. Bablu, the contract killer asks what happened to him. Dev says he tried to stop someone fights and got beaten up. Bablu says this is Mumbai and asks him not to interfere in someone’s fight. He gives him money. Manager asks why you gave money to him. Bablu says he has gun with him and asks him to keep him far from Maliks’ sons.

Abeer thinks about Karuna’s words and gets troubled. He writes a letter and looks on.

Rishan calls Rasika and tells that he is going out for meeting in the evening and then will come to her house. Rasika is upset still. Rishan asks if you will not make me have pasta and then some…Rasika says her friends are coming to her house. Rishan asks her to send them by 10. Rasika says they are my college friends, and it will be late. Rishan asks her to refuse them. Evan comes to Rasika’s cabin.

Viraj thinks about Divya’s words and thinks what does she mean that she can understand Amla’s pain better. He is shocked as he understands his words and goes to her room, but it is locked. He goes out of house.

Karuna comes to Amla and tries to talk to her about Abeer. She says you know your Parjayi well and tells that she makes issue of even a minute things. She says you are like Abeer to me. She says when you threw the food, he felt bad. He wants to do penance, and forget his doings, and lower her pain. Amla says he is wrong person and says you care for me, but you are his mum and asks her not to hope that she will forgive him. Karuna looks on sad.

Evan asks who was he? Rasika says nobody. Evan asks are you fine? Rasika says yes. He asks who was he? Rishan comes there and sees Evan with Rasika. Evan says sorry and says I will take your leave. Rishan says no need and tells that he needs Udaipur project file. Rasika gives her file. Rishan scolds her and asks her not to timepass in the office, and goes. Evan says where you are trapped? and feels pity on her. He asks her to call him whenever needed.

Viraj is drinking. Evan comes and asks why he wants to end his life because of that girl and asks him to chill. Viraj says I don’t get that girl’s dream, and says I don’t want to live with myself, I just hate myself. He says I am afraid to stand infront of mirror, I am a criminal and rapist. He says it would have been better if I had gone to jail, and I would have lived with myself. Evan is shocked and says we haven’t murdered her. He says Amla is fine and got married. He says Mama ji gave good money to Abeer and asks him to get over it. Viraj says our doings haunt me every single moment of my life. Evan calls Suveer and tells that he is with Viraj, and asks him to come urgently. He says Viraj is drunk and is repeating same old talks. Suveer says I can’t handle him and asks him to handle him. Evan asks him to come and stop acting as prince. Suveer says fine. I am coming.

Abeer puts his old sim in the phone to check the messages. Karuna says who will message us, all old connections are over now. He gets Dev’s voice message that he will find him even if he is hiding in corner of the world, then also he will find him.


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 24th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Viraj calls Abeer and asks him to listen. Abeer refuses to talk to him. Viraj insists. Abeer comes to meet Viraj. Viraj is in the swimming pool and tells Abeer that you are innocent and haven’t done anything that night, you fell down unconscious and had not raped Amla. Abeer is shocked. Evan and Suveer are tensed.