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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 24th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 24th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode Start with Mahi and suveer Weeding News on Tv. Dev is seeing Mahi and suveer Weeding new. On news Mahi and suveer weeding is stop and the reasons is a single lady. What the lady was tell to Mahi so mahi stopped the weeding. Mahi Listen to lady and Slap to suveer So who is this lady ? is this a love traingle or other things.We had god some CCTV footages from the Weeding Venue of that girl who just stoopped the marrige of mahi and suveer.Dev think Who is this girl ? i was seen her prevously. Dev shut down Tv and think so this is the reason for viren tension.i will find tommrrow what has happen.

Abeer at door with stick on hand. Cat crying abeer stand up and search about cat crying.Amla at room.abeer don;t see anything and sit back at door step.Amla smile.Amla came towards abeer on door step and sit beside abeer. Both Smile.Abeer said to amla you have to keep rest . Amla tell abeer she think se had just finish all tried off.abeer tell amala you had shown so much courage today.Amla tell abeer you have given soo much courage to me. if you are not here… i think i can’t do.Amla tell abeer that she alawys hate him but you alawys trust on me.You are alawys with me, saved me, encourage me.Amala thanked to abeer. Thank you abeer , Thank you.

Abeer said, I hadn’t give you the chance to trust me.But it was also necessary to make trust on can think this is my atonement. Ok go on and sleep.Abeer tell we have to fight till last. Amla smile and tell abeer You are sitting on the stove right now.Afraid of them. Abeer tell , For Me , No.for you .. yes,yes i was afraid for you. You had dishonored Those people are completely.They will not back. They have hurted their ego.They will fight back with full of strength but i am ready for that.It doesn’t matter for me. Let them come, I had made promise.for this if i have to give my life, i will do.
Amla catches arm of abeer. Amla tell ,Now I had no fear about them. Abeer talk himself, Don’t fear.No one can Touches you when i am here.he made promise.

Amla talk to abeer about past and they both going to room. Dogs are crying.

Karuna calls Abeer. Abeer asks about them. Karuna says they are fine. Abeer asks when they are coming. Karuna says they will come in the morning and asks about Amla. Abeer says fine. Karuna says Mando have sold the house, but I haven’t sell the house. She ends the call. Abeer tells Amla that Maaso is coming tomorrow. Amla says good, and says Mannu will make the house lively and thought to make samosa and jalebi, both. She says if Raghu and Mando comes to know about this then…Abeer asks her to be quiet, not to tell anyone. They are about to go inside when Bablu Singh and his goons come. Abeer makes Amla go inside, and tries to close the door, but Bablu Singh’s goons take Amla out. Abeer hits Bablu Singh and he falls down. Goons are taking Amla with them. Abeer beats the goons. Amla tries to stop the goon. Bablu Singh pushes Amla and she falls on Evan.

Evan stares her. Abeer is shocked. Evan asks goons to leave Abeer and says he is my childhood friend. Amla runs and stands behind Abeer. Evan asks how are you my bro..and says Namaste bhabhi ji. He says you didn’t talk to me at marriage function so I thought to come and talk here. Abeer asks him to leave. Evan says I came to meet just like that, to you and Amla Bhabhi. He says we met her together. He calls her Bhabhi and asks did you remember that night. Amla is scared thinking about that night.

Evan says black night, amavas and laughs. He says did you forget, shall I make you remember. He says when we gave money to Abeer to marry you, we didn’t know that you both will get so much closer, and says you shall thank us. He asks Abeer you have left childhood friends and taking side of forced wife. He says you have became a big man and asks where did his manhood go when he drunk and was on side, couldn’t save Bhabhi that night. Abeer recalls the trauma. Evan says if you was in consciousness then you would have done same thing which we had done with her.

Amla realizes that Abeer didn’t do anything that night. Abeer asks him to shut up. Evan says chicken and says we could never know as you have a habit to have the left over thing by us. Abeer says he can’t forget that mistake on that night even after 7 births, but you can’t understand being devil and scoundrel. He says your kind of guy don’t know penance, your kind of guy learn evil thing before the birth too. Evan slaps him. Abeer asks Amla to run from there. Evan pushes Abeer and run to Amla. Goons hold Abeer. Abeer beats the goons. Evan pushes Amla and takes her dupatta. He wears on his neck. Amla recalls her rape incident. Bablu Singh and his men beat Abeer. Amla tries to run. Evan holds her and makes her lie down on bed. He then ties her mouth. Amla resists and tries to fight back.

Precap : 

Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 25th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Abeer at ground… Amla comes. She take abber to room.. Amla is dressing abeer wounds..

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