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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 24th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 24th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Abeer and Karuna get stressed hearing Dev’s voice message. Karuna asks if Dev is after you till now. Abeer says nothing will happen, he don’t have new number and let him shout at old number. Karuna says Mahi reached you naa. Abeer says I am fed up, let him come, we will come face to face one day, and asks her to stop worrying. He says I won’t let him reach Amla. Karuna is tensed.

Dev takes out the gun and keeps it in the box. Abeer hears Viraj’s voice message on his old sim asking him to pick his call or call him once. Viraj calls Abeer just then. Abeer rejects his call. Viraj calls repeatedly. Abeer asks why did you call me. Viraj says I need to talk to you. Abeer says I don’t want to talk to you. Viraj says I want to tell you about that night. Abeer says I don’t know to know about that night.

Viraj says there is something which you should know, and says can’t live with this guilt anymore. He begs infront of him. Abeer disconnects the call without saying anything. He is going to meet Viraj. Karuna tries to stop him, but he goes. Mando asks what happened now. Karuna tells that there was a voice message on his mobile from Dev and says he threatened Abeer, and he got angry. She says both are them are very angry. Mando and Amla get tensed.

Rishan comes to Rasika’s house and asks her to open the door. Rasika doesn’t open the door and asks him to go, and lies and tells her friends came. Rishan says I told to refuse your friends. Rasika says it was too late and says her friends are here.. Rishan gets angry and says it was not done, and goes. Rasika is upset.

Anisha calls on Dev’s number and asks if he is still upset with her. Dev asks why? Anisha apologizes to him for badmouthing about Amla. Dev forgives her. Anisha gets happy and asks did you get place to stay. Dev says company gave this place to stay and advance too. Anisha says ok and says when he will take her for coffee, and asks if he don’t want to have any contact with her, because of her profession. Dev hears and thanks him. Dev gets Ajit’s call asking him to come back to office, as some clients come and asks him to pick from airport. Dev says ok.

Suveer comes to meet Viraj. Evan calls him Moron for coming late and says this is Malik company’s face. Suveer asks why did you get mad? Evan asks him to see Viraj. Suveer says Mahi called me to take Mom and her somewhere, and says I am not like you. Evan says so clueless and says if Viraj tells anyone the truth then you will get over your responsibility. Suveer says he will talk to Viraj.

Rishan enters Rasika’s house. Rasika is shocked and asks how did you come inside. Rishan says I have keys. Rishan says when there was nobody, then why didn’t you let me come inside, and asks if she has gone mad. Rasika says she got good piece of mind for the first time. Rishan asks what do you need, money, jewellery etc. Rasika says she don’t want anything and asks him not to come again. Rishan asks how dare you to talk like that and asks what you are without me. Rasika says that’s why I am saying.

Suveer asks Viraj why is he drinking wine and reminds of his promise. Viraj says he did promised him but broke it. He says I am like this only and breaks all promises. He says first promise that I will not drink wine, second is that I will not talk to anyone, and third promise is I will not go anywhere. Evan asks what you are saying. Suveer asks what he is upto. Viraj asks them to just wait.

Abeer comes there. Viraj asks how are you? Abeer asks why did you call me. Viraj says to tell you the truth today. Evan says he is always drunk. Viraj says I want to tell you about that night. Suveer takes him far. Abeer asks Suveer to leave him. Viraj says I want to talk to him. Suddenly he falls in the swimming pool. He calls Abeer and says you didn’t do anything Abeer. You lost consciousness that day and fell down. You are not like us and you are not rapist and haven’t raped Amla. Abeer is in a state of shock. Suveer and Evan are shocked.


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 26th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Evan asks Viraj where is he going after splashing the raita. Viraj says he is going to Police station. Rasika gives resignation to Rishan. Inspector catches Viraj, Suveer, Abeer and Evan for drunken driving and gets cocaine from Suveer’s pocket. Mahi’s parents come to Rishan’s house. Manwinder asks about Suveer.

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