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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 24th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 24th May 2017 Written Episode Update,Written Update on

Mando asks Abeer to keep the table in the room. Amla stands on the door stopping him. Mando asks him to keep it there. Abeer keeps it down. Mando tells Karuna that in Mumbai, people sleep in hall and kitchen. Abeer gets angry. Karuna signs him to calm down. Bhao says no need and asks Karuna to sleep in Mando’s room. And says he will sleep in hall with Abeer. Mando asks him to go and make lassi. Bhao goes. Mando says Abeer will sleep in out house and asks Karuna to sleep in the hall. Karuna asks her not to worry and says they will adjust. She asks Abeer to pick the stuff.

Anisha/Archie and Dev get down the bus. Anisha gives her visiting card to him. Dev sees Annie written on the card and recalls calling herself Anisha. Dev says you said that your name is Anisha.. Anisha says she works in call centre and was given English name annie. Dev says I don’t need your card. Anisha asks him to keep it and throw later if he wants. Dev goes.

Bhao makes lassi. Amla says bhao’s lassi is the best. Mannu comes and says mummy slept. He asks her to come to the nearest pond to see fish. Amla says ok. Bhao asks her to return fast. Karuna asks shall I come with you. Abeer asks Maaso what are the things to be bought? Karuna gives him list. Bhao says lets go and bring it. Dev is in the taxi and asks when will the lounge come. He says he will take to cheap lounge. Pushpa calls Dev. He picks call. Pushpa cries and emotionally blackmails him asking him to forget then. Dev asks her not to worry and says he will call them. Pushpa asks him to stay far from Amla. Dev says I will call you later.

Raghu enquires the vegetable prices. Seller tells the rates. Raghu says it is very costly and says they get week vegetables in 100 Rs in Dharm shala. Seller asks him to go there and buy. Raghu says it is a small place between the mountains. Seller calls him mad and asks him to go. Bhao asks why did you call you mad. Seller pushes him. Abeer comes and stops him, takes Raghu’s side. He asks him to lift hand on strong person and then see. He asks Raghu to come and calls him Bhao, holds his hands. Bhao gets touched and hugs him. Abeer also smiles. Bhao says you are really good and have saved me. You are my friend.

Dev looks at Amla’s photo in his wallet. Mando is sleeping and gets Dev’s call. She sees his name flashing on her mobile screen and says me. She throws the phone and calls Bhao. She puts pillow on the phone and throws it. Phone gets off. Dev gets angry. Mando thinks Dev will kill Amla.

Amla and Mannu are sitting near the pond side. Amla talks to him. Karuna comes there and asks Amla to talk to her. Amla says you tried to hide Abeer’s sin and says he sent you there so that I don’t file complaint. Karuna says I thought of your betterment and tells that she used to go there daily to get the roots. Amla asks them to go to hell. Karuna says I wanted justice, but you and Abeer kept silent. Amla asks if this is justice to get me married to him, and says she is staying with him under one roof. Karuna says he is innocent.

Amla says he is not innocent and why don’t I die, or all those men. Karuna asks if Malik’s son and nephew were there. Mando comes there and tries to divert the topic. She accuses Abeer and asks her not to put his blame on someone else. She changes the words and tells that Amla wants Abeer and Dev to die. Karuna asks her not to divert the topic. Mando takes Amla with her. Karuna says I will get Malik’s sons punished.


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 25th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Bhao tells Amla that Abeer became his friend. A man at the dhaba provokes Dev against Amla and asks him to earn more than Abeer,, and then see how she returns to him. Mando asks Amla to make food for Abeer. She refuses and says he has money and can eat outside.

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