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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 25th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 25th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode start with evan tie scarf on amala mouth. Amla kicks Evan and tries to run to Abeer. Evan catches Amla again. Abeer sees Evan holding Amla against the wall and asks him to leave Amla. Evan says you tongue was fast and says now you will listen to me. Abeer says Evan….Evan holds her dupatta and touches her fingers. He says if she acts smart then he will not leave her for Abeer or anyone else. He leaves Amla scared, warns Abeer and goes with the goons. Abeer gets up and says Amla, then faints again. Amla hears him, comes near him, helps him get up and takes him inside with her support. Abeer says Amla. She takes him inside and makes him sit. She brings first aid box and cleans his wounds. Abeer looks at her and feels apologetic. He thinks forgive me Amla. She bandages his head, removes his shirt and makes him lie down on the bed.

She bandages his feet. Abeer apologizes to her in his heart. Later in the morning, Amla is still sitting awake.

Abeer wakes up and asks her if you didn’t sleep all night. Amla stands up. Abeer says I can understand what you are going through. Amla says you can’t understand, and says in that moment, not body, but soul gets wounded. She says may be death is better than this, atleast comes for once, but thing is reminded many times…I have no identity in that, just a piece of flesh. They have done whatever they wanted and threw me. She says she tried to get back together, but again she was scattered. She has understood that nobody can rescue her, can see herself getting looted again. Abeer asks her not to tell that and says I am with you. Amla says I am fighting with my soul and lost it. She says nobody can save women like me.

Hema tells Evan that Rishan called us altogether to dining table, may be he is planning something. Evan says he can’t do anything, and says he have to hide and I will play bomb on his head, his retirement came. Hema tells Evan that for Manvender, we are one family. Evan says Amla has taken just Suveer’s name and says after yesterday, she will not take my name. Hema asks what did you do? Evan asks her not to behave like typical mum. Hema smiles.

Amla goes to room, and cries badly. Jag rootha sab chuta mera kya qusoor that mera plays…..Abeer sees Amla in miserable pain. Suveer thinks how Amla stopped his marriage. Rishan watches news about their stock value falling badly at the stock market. He switches off TV. Pallavi says we are punished for that night. Rishan asks if she wants them to go to jail, and says you are behaving as if he is your enemy. Hema, Raunaq and Evan comes there. Evan says aloo ke parathe and takes it. Hema asks Suveer to have something.

Evan says he is eating pain and asks him to call his ex. Rishan says why you are not suitable for this business as you don’t see what is the sensitivity of time. Evan says my brother is sad, I tried to lighten his heart. He says if you could understand this then Malik family would have fought together. Rishan gets up and asks Suveer to be in office. Evan sits on Rishan’s chair and says he takes out his frustration on Chachi or us. Raunaq says Evan. Evan asks Servant to bring new plate.

Abeer is going out. Amla asks where are you going? Abeer says he will not leave him. Amla says your condition is not good. Mando, Karuna and others come home. Mannu hugs Abeer. Karuna asks Abeer what happened to you. Mando asks if you both fought again. Karuna asks to tell what is the matter? Abeer says Amla will tell you everything, I am going to Maliks now. Amla looks on. Everyone is shocked.


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 26th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Abeer is standing outside Malik’s house. Somebody aims gun at his head from behind, may be Dev.

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