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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 25th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 25th July 2017 Written Episode Update on

Amla asks Abeer to start his new life thinking that she has forgiven him. Abeer smiles and says thank you. It was his imagination and hopes that she forgives him in reality.

Dev is drunk and thinks Amla must be near this place. He thinks where is Amla? He shouts Amla.

Abeer is leaving the house and thinks Amla, please forgive me for once. Karuna comes to Abeer. Dev tosses the coin. Karuna gets emotional. Amla looks at him from the window. Mannu comes out and calls Abeer. Anisha is in the car and calls Dev.

Dev searches Amla on the road and rejects Anisha’s call. She calls again. He picks the call and tells that he is searching Amla. Mannu asks Abeer where is he going with his stuff. Karuna says phupha ji will return after completing some work. Mannu hugs him and cries, saying he won’t let him go. He says you teaches me Maths, and says I will get weak without you. He gets emotional and asks him not to go. Abeer is sad.

Karuna says I will make you do your home work. Abeer asks karuna to take him inside. Amla comes out and asks Mannu to come inside. Abeer says he will return, and asks him to go and sleep. He says he will call him tomorrow. Amla takes Mannu with her. Abeer gives his letter to Karuna asking her to handover it to Amla after he leaves.

Karuna says they all will miss him very much. She says I can’t see you going. Abeer gets teary eyes and says I will go Maaso. He hugs her. Karuna asks him to take care and goes inside the house.

Dev comes near there. Jag soona soona plays….Amla looks at Abeer from inside the house. Abeer also looks at her. Dev is near there and is about to see Amla and Abeer. He is about to shout Amla, but just then Anisha comes there and keeps hand on his mouth, and takes him forcibly from there. She sees Abeer and Amla and stops Dev from seeing them. Abeer leaves from there. Dev asks Anisha what she is doing here. Anisha says it is too late and takes him in car.

Mannu sleeps while Amla looks at him. Karuna comes there and looks at Mannu. Amla tries to hold her hand. Karuna takes her hand back. Amla says you might be angry with me, as he left from here because of me, but wherever I am today is because of me, you must understand. Karuna gives her letter given by Abeer. Amla recalls Abeer giving her divorce papers and also telling about filling for her admission. Abeer is in the car. Amla looks at the letter.

Abeer looks at her dupatta decoration piece and recalls Amla’s smiling face. Amla also thinks about him.


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 26th July 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Amla thinks there is a poison in your words and tears the letter. Dev sees Abeer at the airport and tells that he will kill him first and then that betrayal Amla. Viren, Evan, Suveer and Viraj looks on as Dev fires the bullet.