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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 26th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 26th April 2017 Written Episode Update on

Inspector Neeru comes to Amla’s house. Viren says you came here and appreciates her. Neeru says she came to talk here to tell Amla that she is with her and tells that in most cases, victim is threatened. Mando comes out and tells that Amla eloped. She says we are stuck in love triangle. Neeru asks where did she go suddenly? Mando says may be Dev kidnapped her. Bhao says I will search her. Mando acts to cries and says this is daily drama. Viren asks her to wipe her tears. Neeru asks them to let her search Amla. Viren says even we will come. Inspector comes to Karuna’s house and asks where is Abeer. Karuna says he went out and tells that 4 guys were involved in the crime. Inspector doesn’t believe her. Karuna asks the people there to go. They taunt her and goes. Karuna thinks to talk to Amla to know the truth. Dev looks at his burning house and thinks of his words. Amla is running on the road. Dev looks at the wall with their names written. Dev’s parents come there and ask what you have done. Pushpa cries.

Dev is still in shock. Amla reaches there and sees the house burning and shouts Dev…Dev turns and looks at her. Pushpa also sees her. Dev turns his face while having a glimpse of her. Pushpa asks Amla to leave and says you are dead for him. Dev leaves without talking to her. Amla is shocked. Pushpa again says that she is dead for him and says he has burnt your dream house. She asks Dev’s Papa to let the house burn and asks him to come. Amla is shattered and sits down near their burning house. She recalls the trauma while sad song plays. Jhoka hawa ka aaya..title song.

She comes near the pond and sits down shattered. She shouts Dev. Dev is in his house. His friend comes and says forest dept is sending someone to stop the fire. Pushpa says let it burn. Dev’s father asks Dev’s friend to take him on tour for 2 weeks. He asks Dev to come. Inspector Neeru comes to Dev’s house and asks Dev where is the girl? Dev’s father tells that the girl came there, saw house burning and left. Neeru says if anything happens to the girl, we will catch him. Keep him away from the girl. Dev asks her not to threaten him and says he has lost everything and not afraid of anything now. Viren smiles. Neeru asks his parents to calm him down. Viren asks Mando to go and sit in car He tells Dev’s parents that bad thing have happened to them and gives him his card. Dev’s father thanks him.

Viren provokes him against Amla. He asks Mando to come. Neeru asks Viren to inform her if he finds Amla. Viren tells Mando that Amla will do something and says we have to catch her and sealed her mouth. Karuna comes to Bhao’s house, and sees it locked. She says only Amla can tell the truth. Abeer is near the pond side and sees Amla crying badly. She calls Dev and says she will die. Abeer also cries. Amla gets something in the ground and cuts her wrist. Abeer shouts no. Amla sees him and gets scared. She shouts and runs. Abeer holds her while Amla tries to beat him. She hits Abeer and runs seeing Bhao. Abeer hides. Amla hugs Bhao. Bhao sees her cut wrist and asks how did this happen. Amla says Dev has killed our love and asked me to die. She cries. Abeer hears them. Amla feels drowsy. Bhao lifts her to take her home. Abeer slaps himself and cries.


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 27th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Dev refuses to go on tour and says I will kill them. Bhao asks Karuna to go. Abeer tells that he wants to go to Police. Viren stops him. Amla tells Bhao that Dev have burnt her happiness. Viren scolds her and asks her to do what he says.

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