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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 27th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 27th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Inspector finds drug with Viraj. He says it is not his. Inspector arrests Suveer, Evan, Viraj and also Abeer. Viraj says drugs are found in your pocket. Evan says those drugs are not mine and shouts. Viraj says we should have gone to Police station. Constable asks him to be quiet. Viraj says I will tell in the police station. Evan gets angry. Suveer says we can’t do anything now. They are brought to police station. Karuna calls Abeer, but he doesn’t pick the call. Amla tells Mando that she wants to talk to Dev. Mando snatches the phone. She gets Viren’s call and she tells him that Abeer went to meet Dev angrily. Karuna takes the call and says you must have Dev’s address and asks him to go and search them. Viren asks who are you? Karuna says she is Karuna and asks him to go and search them. Viren says I am going. Amla is shocked to know that Dev works with Maliks.

Evan, Suveer, Viraj and Abeer see police beating the criminals. Abeer and others gets tensed seeing Police beating a man for teasing a girl. Inspector asks Viraj if he is drunk even now. Viraj looks on shockingly. Constable asks them to take their phones out. Dev is having food after coming back from airport. Bablu Singh tells the manager that Dev must have known that they have sent him without any work. He gets Viren’s call and he asks him about Dev. Bablu Singh tells him that Dev is behind him having food at the canteen. Viren says ok and says he heard that he went to fight with Dev. Mando asks Karuna why didn’t you tell me that Dev has started working with Maliks. Karuna says what is a big deal and says why Dev can’t work with Maliks. Mando says it will be a big trouble since Malik’s sons have done that with Amla and realizes and stops. Karuna asks her to tell what did Malik sons have done.

Inspector asks Viraj to tell what he was saying. Viraj says he don’t know as it was under a alcohol influence. Inspector asks about drugs. Viraj says he don’t know about it as he was drunk. Manwinder and his wife are in Rishan’s house with Mahi. Rishan asks them to stay for few days. Rishan says he has a meeting. Mahi keeps on trying his number. Mahi’s mum says we shall fix the date of marriage. Manwinder says where is he? Rishan says Suveer is excited about his wedding and will do his own marriage decoration. He must be busy in project. Rishan says he doesn’t know that you are here. Mahi says I told him about the surprise. Manwinder says Suveer is ignoring his would be wife.

Karuna asks Mando to relax and says I said something else and says I said that Viren helped Amla and now Dev. Karuna says until when you will lie? Mando says which truth, and says you might be thinking to do some social service here and asks her to do yoga. She says we don’t need your help and goes inside.

Inspector asks Viraj to tell. Viraj says he has fallen in the pool and that’s why worn Evan clothes. Evan says this is not my clothes and says this is your clothes, and asks why you are taking my name. Inspector asks them to stop it. Viraj says I didn’t have any drugs. Inspector says we will find out after the blood test. He asks Abeer. Abeer says Viraj called him so he came to meet them. Inspector asks if there is any girl matter. Viraj says no. Inspector asks Suveer why did he come? Suveer says he came to say bye to Viraj as Evan called him. Evan gets angry on Suveer. Inspector slaps Evan.


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