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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 27th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 27th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Mando insults Dev and asks him not to try searching them. She tells him that Pushpa warned them to stay away from him. She cuts the call. She then asks Raghu to have used his mind and asks why can’t he identity his voice due to greed. She tells that they destiny broke up when that incident happened with Amla. She asks for which lottery he has been waiting for. She says Dev has reached Mumbai and says our life will be ruined. She tells Amla that Dev will come and press her neck. Amla looks shocked.

Servant comes to Pallavi and asks what happened? Why she is sitting silently. Pallavi says she is unwell and asks her to go. Servant tells her that Mahi came and waiting for her. She asks her to come and have food with her. Pallavi is silent. Servant tells that I will tell her that you are unwell. Pallavi asks her to tell that she is coming. Dev thinks he can’t talk to Amla because of Mando. He gets Sultan’s call and gets angry on him for informing Pushpa and Yuvraj. Sultan says what he could do. Dev says they have snatched my Amla. I want to talk to her once and asks what happened actually. He asks him to let him talk to Amla once and get her number. He asks him to get atleast Abeer’s number once. Sultan says I will do something. Dev thinks there is a distance of number between us Amla, nobody can stop me from meeting you.

Suveer and Mahi are sitting on the dining table. Pallavi comes. Mahi greets her with a hug. Mahi asks why she seems to be unwell. Pallavi says she has a headache. Suveer says office was good today and he worked hard. Evan says he was on phone all day, messages was going import and export. Pallavi asks them to put paratha in his mouth. Mahi asks where is dad? Pallavi asks her to start the dinner and says if you wait for him then it will be morning. Rishan comes and says this is not true. Mahi greets him with a hug. Evan asks about his meeting. Rishan tells that he has a meeting with a client.

Evan says there were two branches and tells that he saw his car. Rishan says I sent you to Chembur for work. Evan says I went to Chembur, but went to Rasika’s house on the way. Rishan says Rasika? Evan asks him not to ask who is Rasika and says you are not that old. He says she is your super hot secretary. Pallavi looks on. Rishan tells him why I will go there. Evan says I said that I saw your car, when did I say that you went there. Rishan asks him to shut his mouth and tells that he stopped the car at Kalina to pick a client. Evan says client says at down market client.

Rishan says what shall I do? Shall I gift him a house. Evan says your status will be ruined. Suveer asks them not to discuss about office and tells Mahi is here. Mahi says its ok, dad discuss politics on table. Suveer tells that they have decided to preponed the wedding. Rishan gets happy and asks summer wedding. He asks Pallavi, if her clothes will be stitched till then. Pallavi says now a days clothes are brought ready made. Pallavi asks Mahi to excuse him and tells that she is having a headache. She goes. Evan tells Mahi that he will go as he has to discuss the project with Rasika in the morning. He tells Rishan that they don’t need Kalina clients once they get royal clients. Pallavi is in room thinks about Evan and rishan’s conversation and cries. Amla recalls her moments with Dev.

A fb is shown, Amla pretends to give him tea. Dev tells her that he will make her home at the mountain. Fb ends. She cries looking at the shawl and hugs it. She thinks Dev is in Mumbai. Dev drinks wine and recalls Mando’s words, gets angry. He sees Annie’s card on the floor. Amla thinks to call Dev once. She comes to Mando and Raghu’s room when they are sleeping and takes Mando’s phone. She comes out of house to call Dev and searches last call. Dev’s phone rings. He looks on.

Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 29th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Amla asks Abeer to stay away from her. Meanwhile Dev sees Rishan Malik’s office details.

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