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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 28th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 28th July 2017 Written Episode Update on

Amla tells Abeer that she don’t care why did he come. She says she is not interested to listen to his excuses and asks him not to think that she will stay under the same roof as him. She says you are thinking wrong, I will give you divorce and will leave from here for forever. Abeer says I just want you to be fine. Amla says she don’t want to listen. Abeer says I have written in the letter. Amla says she didn’t read and have thrown it in the bin. Abeer says he tried to go, but he couldn’t as Maaso needs him. Amla asks why didn’t he think about her before. She asks him not to make excuses and says I will not trust you. Abeer says what do you think that I am stone hearted and don’t care for you all. He says now I….Amla asks him to shut up and tells that she will give him divorce and go very far from her.

Evan asks Rishan what is this? I will handle transport dept. He asks with whose consent you have taken this decision. Dev comes there. Viren asks him to sit. Dev says he came to get his staff quarters and also 7 lakhs rs. Rishan and others are shocked. Dev says he needs money to repair his house in Dharmshala.Viren says I would have helped you, but now you have to talk to your new boss. He asks him to propose his demands infront of Dev and then he will see what to do. Evan says why not, your demands will be fulfilled. He says I am not a bad boss and asks Dev to meet him in his cabin. He makes him as his personal driver. Dev thinks his doubt was right, they are fulfilling all his demands.

Amla recalls Abeer’s love confession and the moments. She thinks lying to him that she has torn his letter without reading it. She thinks she thinks about her trauma and Abeer’s words echoes in her ears. She thinks she can have just have hatred in her heart for him and not anything else. She comes to Raghu’s room, sees him and gets emotional thinking about his Jhappi. She walks out of house with her stuff. Her dupatta gets stuck to a plant. She frees him and goes while everyone is sleeping. Abeer wakes up hearing the thunderstorm and looks at the decoration piece.

In the morning, Mando calls Amla and thinks where did she go early morning. Amla’s letter falls down near Mando. Mando reads it and is shocked. She shouts and calls everyone. Karuna comes and asks what happened? Raghu and Abeer also comes there. Mando tells them that Amla eloped from here. Abeer reads the letter written by Amla that she is leaving the house, and felt suffocated here. She asks Raghu not to worry and take care. Raghu asks where did she go? Mando says she eloped and asks them to go and search. Raghu cries. Abeer thinks why did you punish others because of me and thinks he returned for her safety.

Abeer, Raghu and karuna come to Police station. Inspector asks when did she go? Abeer tells that Mando found her missing in the morning. Inspector asks how a husband don’t know why his wife left. Abeer says they have an argument. Inspector asks if he raised hand on her. Abeer says he never raised her on her and asks him to understand. Inspector says even he fights with his wife, but she never ran leaving him. He asks if she eloped before also. Raghu says once she eloped in Dharmshala and then returned. Inspector asks why didn’t you tell me before.

Mando calls Viren and asks him to handle Amla. Viren asks her to tell clearly. Mando tells him that Amla ran away from the house and says don’t know since when she was planning. Viren asks what she was doing then and scolds her. Mando tells him that Abeer went to Police station to file Police complaint. Viren asks from where he came. Didn’t he go? Mando says he is here only and went to Police station. Viren is shocked and asks her to give him info.. Mando gets happy and thinks she will get money now. Inspector asks Abeer why didn’t tell him before. Abeer says it doesn’t matter as it was before the marriage. Raghu says she was missing and later Karuna found her. Abeer gets shocked. Karuna recalls finding Amla on the swing. Abeer thinks if Inspector comes to know the truth then Amla have to bear it all again.


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 29th July 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Dev gets ready and wears suit. He comes to Anisha’s house. Anisha tells him that her friend came from small city and if she comes to know that her boyfriend visit her then she will go in shock. Amla is at Anisha’s house and is about to see Dev.