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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 28th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 28th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Inspector asks Constable to take Abeer, Viraj, Evan and Suveer for medical test. Mando tells that she used to fly in her home town, but here she is caged. Raghu brings tea and gives to Mando. Mando asks didn’t you add sugar in it. Raghu says he has added 3 teaspoons. He asks amla to have tea. Amla refuses. Mando tells that only Viren can handle Abeer and Dev and taunts the latter. Amla gets upset and goes out, tells that she is suffocated. Raghu asks Mando not to taunt Amla. Mando says your sister still loves Dev, that murderer. Raghu says whom he has killed. Mando says my murder. Raghu says whatever you say will come true. Mando says I didn’t tell anything.

Suveer calls Viren and tells that they are arrested by the cocaine, as drugs were found with Viraj as he was driving. He asks him to come and free them. Viren says you all will take my life one day. They are taken to Police jeep.

Some people gossip about Dev and Amla in the cafeteria. Dev gets angry and asks who told you. Manager comes and stops Dev, and asks him to go.

All of them give blood in the hospital for test. Viraj and Evan have an argument. Evan says he is in this situation because of him. Abeer says you have never trapped anyone. Viren comes and asks about their blood report. Constable says reports will come. Evan tells Viren that because of Viraj, they are here. Viraj says he is innocent. Suveer asks him to take them from there. Viren says if this is a joke and says you will be presented in the court in the morning. He says you have to stay in the lock up for tonight. Suveer asks why shall I go jail. Viren asks him to tell Inspector to drop him home and says nonsense. Inspector tells Constable that Suveer’s mom is calling since long. Constable asks him to inform her. He picks the call and asks where are you. Inspector says he is Inspector and your son is in lock up. Pallavi calls Viren. Viren says he is with them. Pallavi asks if they are arrested in that case. Viren says they are arrested for drunkard driving, but he didn’t have wine. Mahi comes and asks Pallavi what happened? Pallavi makes excuse and tell her truth that Suveer is arrested by the Police. Mahi is shocked.

Mando talks to Karuna and asks when you are going to Dharmshala. Karuna says she was about to go in the morning, but. Mando says she will also come with her and says she will not let utensils sell for less price. Karuna asks her to call Viren. She calls Viren, but the phone is busy. Viren talks to someone on phone and asks to free atleast Suveer.

Viraj apologizes to Abeer and says I have done a big mistake, and was scared. He apologizes. Abeer says you have ended my life in one go, and says do you realize what you have done. He says I am dying since then, but you all were silent. He says when we used to play in the childhood, you made me do balling and used to bat. Whenever you had broken someone’s glass, you used to tell that Abeer had broken the glass. Viraj apologizes to him and says he will correct his mistake. Abeer says from where did you get strength to tell truth. Viraj recalls Divya’s words and thinks what to say. Abeer says even I could have gone to police, but kept quiet because of Amla. She is already living humiliated life. Viraj says I had decided to tell you truth long back. Everyone is at Rishan’s house. Mahi tells her mum that Suveer is arrested by Police. Rishan, Manwinder and Raunaq are shocked.


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 29th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Amla tells Karuna that Abeer is her big enemy. Rishan asks Manwinder to free Evan and Suveer. Manwinder tells that he will not spoil his image for personal things. Amla calls Dev. Dev picks the call and says hello. Amla gets emotional.