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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 29th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 29th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Rishan asks Preeti to pack up for the day and asks other employees to go also. Evan says it is risky, who knows if Dev and Mahi comes to know about the truth, what about the bomb blast after that. Rishan says we have to take risk for the marriage. Viren says we have to trigger the bomb to save marriage. Evan says it will be fine if we have to sacrifice our life, but Suveer shall marry. Abeer comes back home. Mando says there is no blood on your body and asks if he pressed your neck, if that yamdood left you, asks if you have killed him? Abeer says nothing happened as such and says I told him entire truth. Mando says then also he didn’t do anything, he might have cursed you. Abeer says no no..he seems to be dayawan and pardon my life. Mando says your life is saved, but what about Amla and Malik khandaan and Dev will do what, you know. Abeer says Malik family shall be afraid and not you, asks her not to worry about Amla, as he is there to protect her. Amla hears him.

Security informs Rishan that Dev came. Rishan asks him to send Security. He asks Evan to keep his mouth shut if he has problem with this plan. He says Viren and I will handle. Suveer says we are making a huge mistake. Viren says we have to go through this plan. Dev enters there. Rishan asks him to sit. Dev says no need and asks Evan to tell why did he call him. Viren says lets come to the point. He says we want to give you a big chance so that you can earn much money and take revenge also. He asks him not to feel uncomfortable and feel like family. Dev says I know that you know my truth. Viren says I helped you that day and gave Abeer’s details. He says today also, I will talk about your benefit. Dev says it is a wonder that you think about me. He says someone met him who changed the definition of truth. Rishan asks what you are saying, and asks if he can’t see. Dev asks them to listen and says I met someone before coming here, who opened my eyes. Viren asks who? Dev says Abeer and points gun towards Evan. Evan and others are shocked. Amla recalls all the trauma which happened with her, Dev blaming her.

Abeer comes to her and says if you don’t want to know about conversation between Dev and me. Amla says I don’t want to hear, please leave me alone for some time. Abeer goes. Rishan and Viren ask Dev to keep gun down. Viren says Abeer is provoking you against us and asks him to understand his trick. Dev says you have taken advantage of my innocence, ruined Amla and my life, but now I know the truth and will not leave you all. Evan says Abeer is a cold blooded liar and is lying. He asks him to trust him. Dev says I couldn’t know the truth till now due to trust. Viren says I have done so much for you, for your betterment. Dev says another lie, and says you haven’t helped me, but thought of your own betterment, ruined me and my Amla’s life.

Rishan says enough and says how dare you to accuse us. You are equally responsible, you are a coward and don’t have the courage to listen to truth, left Amla there. He says you wanted luxurious life and that’s why you got job here. We didn’t lie to you, you heard what you wanted, you wanted free sympathy, money, etc as you got habitual to luxurious life. He says you have ruined Amla’s life. There is no difference between Abeer and you, he is faking to support Amla and you have ruined her life, you both are accusing us. He says you knows the truth from long back, you know since long, Abeer didn’t open your eyes, as your eyes were already closed. Evan asks Dev if Abeer told you that he ran behind Amla first and held her. He says Abeer was drunk and got unconscious, else he would have also not left Amla. Dev asks him to shut up. He says I won’t leave anyone. Rishan tries to snatch the gun. Viren and Evan also try to snatch the gun. Evan or Rishan intentionally pulls the trigger and injures his hand. He falls down and pretends as if his condition is worsening. Viren asks Suveer to call Police. Rishan asks dev to give gun and surrender. Dev runs from there.

Karuna asks Abeer, did you take money from Maliks. Abeer says no. Karuna asks him to tell the truth and says you kept silent after taking money. Abeer says I didn’t touch their money, I was silent because of some other reason. Karuna asks him not to lie and asks him to say truth. Abeer says he became silent for Amla. He tells that he saw Amla that day, she thought day is better than this life. He says Maayi gave her life for Baba and Amla was about to give life because of me. He says he hates his Baba and that’s why cut his pic from the album. He says I hate him so much, but when I saw myself in mirror, I found that I have become like him. I don’t want to snatch her life, I told you that I didn’t do anything that day, since then I am living with the burdened, as I am also somewhat guilty and this burden is much, I can’t tell you. Amla hears them. Karuna says you will not live with this burden and will not punish yourself. She says the guilty will be punished. Abeer says Amla is punished. Karuna says Amla will not be punished, but the guilty. She says she will take Amla to police station and will file police complaint. Amla looks shocked.


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 30th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Rishan tells Viren that Dev has gun and also knows truth now. Viren gives Dev’s pic to Sadanand. Sadanand says your work will be done.

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