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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 29th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 29th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Pallavi tells everyone that Evan and Suveer were arrested by the Police for drunken driving along with their friends. Rishan says he will call Viren. Pallavi says he is with them. Mahi asks her Papa to get Suveer free. Rishan asks Manwinder ji to call Inspector and free them. Manwinder says what you are saying, I am a public servant and have a image to protect. He says he will not bear if his name is involved in this case in any way. Karuna calls Abeer and gets worried for him. She hugs his clothes and cries, asking God to protect him. Amla sees her crying.

Manwinder ji says you know how media makes the news. Pallavi tells him that Suveer said that he is not drunk. Manwinder says why Suveer is trapped in case. Rishan says Suveer never drinks and drive. Mahi also says the same and asks her Papa to do something. Amla comes to Karuna. Karuna says I know you are worried for Dev and don’t care about Abeer at all. You are right at your place, but I am a mum and will care for him. She says Abeer was small since then she brought him up. She tells that when she held his hand for the first time, he hugged her. She says he has bear so much since his childhood and says we have shared loneliness. She says Abeer is not the one whom she knows. Amla says yes, I didn’t know your son, as I just knows my Dev. Wherever I see, I see only Dev. I have dreamt with Dev, with him for him. Now everything has came to an end. Karuna says I can’t lower your pain, but can understand it. Amla says nobody can understand what I have undergone, your son have snatched my everything and I have become dead body now. Karuna apologizes to her.

Manwinder calls someone. Raunaq comes to Rishan. Rishan asks him to relax and says he will talk to Manwinder. Hema asks Raunaq not to take tension. Rishan asks Manwinder if he talked. Manwinder says they were arrested for drunk and drive and also drugs is found with them. Rishan is shocked. Amla says I know you have love for your son, but I have no sympathy for him, but just hatred, he will be my enemy always. Karuna cries and goes from there. Amla also cries. She sees phone there and calls Dev. Dev is sleeping and gets up to receive call. Amla hears his voice as he says hello. He asks who is on the line. Amla cries hearing him and ends the call. Dev calls on that number. Karuna comes back and asks if Abeer called. Amla says don’t pick the call. Karuna picks the call and asks who is on line. Dev says you just called me. Karuna says call was gone by mistake. Dev says he was sleeping and ends the call. Amla tells Karuna that everything is fine.

Manwinder ji tells Suveer and one of his friend blood report have nothing, wine or drugs. Rishan asks Manwinder to help them out. Manwinder says it is not found whose drugs it was. He says if you want Suveer and his friend can come out of lockup, but Evan and Viraj have to stay in lock up, else let Suveer stay there till the result come out. Rishan says it would be unfair if Suveer stays in lock up. Manwinder asks him if Raunaq will not get upset if Evan is not freed. Rishan asks him to tell that Raunaq that he couldn’t do anything. He says I don’t want you to do anything wrong and says he will make Raunaq understand. Manwinder calls Police station and asks Inspector to free Suveer and his friend (without knowing that he is Abeer). Abeer is on road and thinks that he is innocent and haven’t done anything with Amla that night. Amla thinks about Dev. She tears a paper and goes out to throw. Karuna sees her.


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 30th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Raunaq asks when Suveer is freed then why not Evan? Viren says there was a high dosage of alcohol found in Evan’s blood and I couldn’t do anything. Karuna tells Abeer that she was much worried for him and asks where did you go? Abeer is in shock. Viren thanks Manwinder. Manwinder says whatever I have done is for my daughter’s happiness.