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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 29th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 29th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Amla calls on the last dial number. Dev picks the call. Anisha says hi Dev, and tells that she is Anisha. Dev asks how did you get my number. Anisha tells that she got his number from his phone when she dials on her number. She asks did you get the house. Dev says yes and says he will get the job soon. Anisha asks him to call him if he needs any help, even if the ego comes inbetween and laughs. Dev keeps her card back in his wallet. Amla calls on the last received call and she comes to know that it is PCO. She sees other number and thinks to call on that. Mando comes and snatches phone from her hand and insults for ruining her respect in darkness. She asks what you were doing? Amla says parjayi. Abeer, Raghu and Karuna come there. Mando says he has promised to kill us all. Amla says I just wanted to talk to him. Mando asks him to bring knife and kill them. Raghu asks why are you shouting? Mando says she was calling her lover. Karuna asks what happened?

Mando warns Amla and says nobody will be bad than her if she tries calling Dev again. Karuna asks why you are shouting at her. Mando goes inside. Raghu asks Amla to come and sleep. Amla runs and sits near pond and cries. Raghu says I will tell your Parjayi not to scold you. Amla thinks Dev came to kill her and says you came here to kill me, why did you hate me so much Dev, what is my mistake? She cries.

Darshan comes home and asks Divya if she talked to Viraj? Divya is sitting silent. Darshan scolds her for not replying to him. Divya says she don’t want to see his face as she sees his dirty face. She says I thought he is my son, but I forgot that he is like you, and says now you got the answer why I am not talking to him. Darshan asks how dare you? Viraj drinks wine. Divya says our son is drunkard also, along with rapist. Darshan asks so what? Divya asks him to make Viraj do murder. Divya says I can forgive the mistake, but not sin. Viraj calls Divya. Darshan says you are nothing, but a drama queen. He says I am sending him to London away from you, and says he will go and meet him, asks her to call her Maasi and asks her to make arrangements for his stay. Divya is silent. Darshan says what she thinks of herself and says I will manage. Divya comes to Viraj’s room and saw him unconscious on floor. She calls Darshan. Darshan says he will call Doctor.

Mando comes out of room and sees Karuna sleeping. She says I won’t let her sleep peacefully and calls Abeer. She asks if milk is brought or not, and says nobody asked for tea. Raghu comes and asks why is she shouting? He tells that Abeer went to get milk. Mando asks Karuna to make tea once he brings milk.

Sultan calls Dev and tells him that Abeer’s Maaso left pind and might have gone to stay with him. He tells that he couldn’t get his number, but will try and asks him to have patience. He asks him to calm himself. Dev says I will not do anything wrong, just wants to meet Amla. He says how to find abeer. Sultan says there may be someone who knows him. Dev gets an idea and tells that he will get his number through Viren or Malik’s sons.

Abeer brings milk and tells that he kept milk here. Amla asks him to leave him alone for sometime. Abeer says I came to just kept milk. Mando checks the milk and tells it is watery and talks about her pind. Abeer says this is not your pind and have to manage. Mannu comes and tells that he has rashes. Amla goes to get powder. Mando taunts Abeer for the watery milk and tells that she will keep Mannu hungry. Abeer asks Mannu to show him the rashes. Amla comes and takes Mannu with him after taunting him. Abeer thinks he can’t do anything than to do penance.

Evan tells Suveer that Doctors took out poisoned from Viraj’s stomach, but he is under observation. Suveer asks how did you know. Evan says I called Viraj, but he didn’t pick the call. Then I call Darshan and he started crying like a woman, said my son…has gone mad what to do. Suveer smiles. Evan laughs. Suveer says this Viraj will get us trapped, Abeer is gone. Evan hopes that Darshan sent him to London soon and and says if he stays here then we will be in fear.
Dev searches for Rishan Malik and gets his address. He thinks I will get his number through him.

Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 30th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Abeer looks at Amla as she sits near the pond with Mannu. She covers her feet with her dress. Dev enters Viren’s cabin. Watchman stops him. Viren tells Rishan that Amla’s fiancé came here to take Abeer’s number. Rishan, Evan and Suveer are shocked. Suveer asks what he wants to do with Abeer? Viren says he came to take revenge. Dev thinks Viren lied to him, but he has Abeer’s number now and have the way to reach Amla.

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