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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 2nd June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 2nd June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Suveer and Mahi come to the restaurant. Mahi says mom has agreed to preponed our wedding and says may be she is tired of seeing me with you, laughs. Suveer says we should have thought about this before. He spots Dev and is shocked. He calls Viren and tells that Dev is stalking him. He says Dev is right here, he might have read the newspaper, and asks how did you handle him, you called everyone here. Viren asks him to calm down and take Mahi from here, she shall not doubt you. He says ok. Mando plays RD Burman song.

Karuna says it is Abeer’s favorite. Mando says it is Amla’s favorite too. She says Rab ne banadi Jodi and tells both are orphans. Amla gets angry and tells that she is not orphan and don’t like songs. She throws the tape recorder and goes. Mando tells Karuna that she has brought her up, don’t know what would have happen to them if I haven’t come in their lives. Suveer asks Mahi to come, and says this place is dirty. Mahi asks what happened, you like this place. They take lift to go out. Dev comes inside through stairs and couldn’t find them. He comes out and sees them left, gets upset.

Evan comes to Rasika and tells her that he is going out to meet his friend Viraj as he is unwell. He asks her to tell Rishan. Doctor comes and checks Viraj. Evan comes there and asks how is he? He greets Divya. Viraj goes to bathroom. Evan says we will come to make his time pass. Divya says time pass was too much. Viraj comes out. Evan says aunty is angry. Viraj says mom forgave me but. Suveer comes there and tells Viraj and Evan that he saw Dev in Mumbai, and tells that Mama is handling him. Evan says matter is over. He asks Viraj to come out with them. Viraj agrees.

Mando gets Viren’s call. Viren tells her that a buyer is interested to buy her house, but offering less price. Mando asks him to sell the house. He asks why you are talking slow. Mando says karuna is here. Viren asks what she is doing here?

Mando says she is eating our food. Viren says she is very danger type. Mando says she is enough to handle such 100 danger woman. Viren says ok and asks for her address. Mando says she doesn’t know, but will message him. She says Dev is calling 10 times a day. Viren asks her to change the number and call him. Mando says ok.

Dev comes to the bank to withdraw the money and sees insufficient funds displaying on screen. He wonders what happened? Someone is waiting outside the ATM and tells that money is insufficient in his account. Dev gets angry on him. He calls Yuvraj and asks why did you withdraw the money from my account. Sanjay says we withdrew the money so that you return back home. Dev says I won’t be hungry in this city and will find work, and will not come home until my motive is fulfilled.

Karuna likes food made by Amla. Mando tells that Amla makes delicious food. She says don’t know when we will have fresh vegetables. Raghu says we will go soon to sell our house. Mando says who told you this and says they are not selling house. Raghu asks her to have food. Amla says she got vomiting in the afternoon and even now feeling unwell. Karuna asks her to have dahi. Raghu asks her to have rice with it. She gets vomiting sensation. Mando gets shocked and says if she got pregnant. Everyone is shocked.


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 3rd June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Karuna asks Amla to take home pregnancy test and says result come in 2 mins. Amla goes to washroom and bring the pregnancy strip. Karuna checks it. Mando asks what happened?