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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 2nd September 2017 Written Episode Update


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 2nd September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Abeer says I thought your mood is off. Amla scolds him and say I shall stay fine myself and goes. Mannu say it back fired phupha ji. Abeer say you go and play, I shall do something. Karuna say that something is troubling Amla. Either related to Dev or you.

Dev ask police where you all taking me?? Police station left behind.. who all you?? Police say stay quite and shall know everything soon.. they handcuff him and throw in some gowdown type room.

Dev say you should have take me to police station. Police say stay quite and we shall allow you to run. Viren and Rishan came. Dev say he did all by mistake as Evan came in between.

Police beat him and plan to shoot. Viren say I asked you stay away and don’t mess with us. Now see what happens with you. Dev say I shall go to my pind back. Please leave me. Viren and Rishan walks out smiling

Amla is thinking about flashbacks about dev said and evan said about being abeer in senses, that if was in senses what would have abeer done??

Abeer come and ask amla what is troubling you? Why are you not talking to me?? He say that you know I can’t hurt you. Amla intrupts him saying I don’t know if you can do this or not. But I was with you infront of Dev as I wanted to show him that he is not in my heart anymore. But it doesn’t mean that you can take that place.. amla goes and abeer

Police is planning to shoot dev, just his phone rings and he shoots and open his handcuff. (Seeing all this, how to trust police, they are so corrput and greedy) and evan enters..

Amla is seeing scarf and doing drama of study and Karuna shout to call mannu to go and buy books and goes… Mando say that our life is like film, started from rape to near to death. We all need to refresh our mind and call raghu to lets go for shopping.. may be all planned by abeer.

Abeer goes near to Amla and say I know you are troubled due to sudden arrival of dev. I know how much you are in pain. And even I know its not easy. But why are you angry at me? I always supported you and will support in future. He say if you are troubled due to dev return and his memories and hate for me?? Amla say don’t drag dev in between. Infact my heart ask me that if you were in your senses that night, you should have done same thing with me. Abeer expression.

Evan take gun and send every one and say I came here to save you. Evan say you are cheater. Dev say it was by-mistake. Evan goes and sit and dev say I can’t shoot anyone. I was not in senses since Amla left me. Evan say amla cheated you and treated you like dog and if you would have not done something, i would have shooted you… (and again dev falls in evan trap, kaan ka kaccha).

Dev say i thought you will kill me and you saved me??? Evan say you are not my enemy more but viren, rishan, amla and abeer our enemies. You are not loser and want to make them die. Your and mine aims are same and you shall kill them and I shall save you and Dev say yes.. and evan gets happy and say if you lose anyone, I shall kill you(like evan shall save him in future, just using dev) Dev say it will not happen. Evan say now just get become angr again and I shall tell you how to do it and for now join duty.

Abeer say I always beared your anger, your hate, your blames and saw your pain, just with a light of ray that you will forgive me one day. What they all did, I shall never do it and can let never hurt amyone. I thought I made myself this much trust worthy. Now I feel I was wrong and never got that much trust and belief and not even your friendship and even blaming me after knowing whole truth. (Finally abeer said his heart out)

Amla say that it was your truth, but you were drunken state and you were there too. Till the time I was in my senses, I too saw your shadow falling on me??? (She still think bad about abeer)

Abeer say Amla, just listen, I gave punishment to myself. And since that night I am just thinking about you. Even I faced humuliation by karuna, people but I never gave up just for you and only for prayichit.
Amla say but I had beared all things and even bearing as i am victim. I wish that night never came and you were not included (like if that night not came, you shall not have met abeer, stupid)


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 4th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Evan say to viren and rishan that I brought gift for you. And call Dev inside. Viren and Rishan face like seeing ghost. Amla says to abeer that I need to move on, with new colors in my life. 

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