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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 31st August 2017 Written Episode Update


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 31st August 2017 Written Episode Update on

In the morning, Amla sees her scarf tied to pole and gets emotional. She recalls Dev bringing it. She searches for Dev and finds him hiding behind a big stone. Dev comes near her. She walks behind and looks at him. Dev also looks at her.

Previous Night:

Dev requests Anisha to give him Amla’s address and begs infront of her asking her to give address if she thought of him as her friend once. She writes Amla’s address and gives to Dev. Dev comes home in night itself and thinks today he will face Amla, seems like they have met in last life and everything seems to be strange now. He looks at the house. Amla is coming out. He hides behind the mountain.. Amla looks out feeling something and comes near there, but Dev hides. Amla looks on. Abeer calls Amla and asks why did you come out in night. He says I don’t know how to save you, go inside the house.

Amla goes inside the house and closes the door. Dev sees Abeer going to out house, he thinks Abeer married her, but if she don’t stay with him. Night passes, Dev sleeps behind the mountain. Amla comes out to give morning tea to Abeer. Dev sees her giving tea to Abeer and going back to house. Abeer goes to outhouse again. Later Abeer calls Maaso and asks her to come, else they will get late. Abeer and Amla go somewhere. Amla comes out to dry the clothes and sees the scarf which Dev tied to the pole.

Back to the Present:

Amla looks at Dev. Dev also looks at her.

Evan comes back from hospital. Pallavi hugs him and says how dare Dev to shoot at you. Rishan said right that Dev is mad. Evan says it is ok, and says if anything had happened to me, then it would have been someone’s gain, profit and loss Chachi, business rule. He says if I have got killed then Dev would have be hanged. He asks my enemy’s two enemies will be finished technically. He taunts Rishan indirectly and asks him to make Pallavi understand. Pallavi says you are elder son than Suveer. Evan hugs her. Viren says he is joking. Rishan asks Dev why did you keep Dev as your personal driver and says you made your own theory about friend and enemy, and don’t obey elders. Pallavi asks him to stop it and says he needs rest.

Viren says he needs rest, think what to do rather than lecturing him. He says we shall take advantage of his wound. He says Manvender maintained silence since marriage was cancelled. He says we have to tell Manvender that our son’s are attacked and our business is ruining. He says now we can’t use Dev against Amla. He says we can leak your shoot out story in press. Mahi is sad already, Suveer is also broken like her, and he tried to take his life and Evan tried to stop him. Evan says I tried to stop my brother from committing suicide and I get shot instead. Viren says exactly. Evan says you are filmy mama ji and says plan is solid. I will not tell truth to Mahi and asks him to take advantage of situation.

Dev asks Amla not to get scared and says I haven’t come here to harm you. Amla asks then why did you come. Mando calls Mannu and asks him to tell Bua to give breakfast and tea. Mannu comes out, sees Dev and tells Mando that Dev Phupha ji came. Mando is shocked. Mannu runs to Dev and hugs him. Raghu and Mando come out shockingly. Mannu runs to Dev and takes Mannu with her, saying Dev will kill him. Raghu gets lathi and tries to hit Dev. Amla stops Raghu and tells that Dev is not doing anything, he came to just talk. Dev is shocked and calls him Bhao. Raghu asks him not to call him Bhao. Amla asks why did you come here? Dev says I wants to know the truth. Amla says why do you want to know truth now, and says what will change with my truth or lie. Mando calls Abeer and thinks pick the call. Abeer is in the auto.

Mando tells Abeer that Dev came there and will kill them. Abeer asks Auto driver to take a U turn. Dev says that night everything was changed, my love, my respect, my laadi….everything. He says you have come here, but people used to tease me, my everything is looted. Amla asks if he understands the meaning of looted. She says you have bear enough and went through lot of trouble and pain, did you ask me once….what I lost that night. Dev says I can understand. Amla says how you will understand, you never tried to understand me, you were pained thinking I have become dirty, like I am a thing which is of no use to you. She says if you had understood me then our story would have been different, I wouldn’t have been here. If you have supported me then our story would be different, but you cared for your respect. Dev asks what you are saying Laadi. Amla says I am not your Laadi. Dev is shocked and heart broken.


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 1st September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Dev tells Amla that he loves him so much and shot Evan. Amla is shocked. Dev says he came to know about Abeer’s truth, and says if he had not started then that incident hadn’t happened with you. He aims gun at Abeer saying you have started all that night, and I will end it. Abeer and Amla looks on.

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