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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 3rd August 2017 Written Episode Update


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 3rd August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Abeer is shocked and recalls Amla telling that Anisha is a good girl. Abeer tells the lady that Annie took his wife with her and gets worried. He says he can’t let Amla with her. Constable asks for Annie’s address. Abeer says if you don’t tell me address then I will get you arrested. Lady says why I would hide, I told that I don’t know. Constable says why she would have shown the pic, if she has to hide. Abeer apologizes to her. Constable asks her to tell if she comes to know anything. Abeer asks Constable to enquire others. Constable says when the lady doesn’t know where is she, then how can others know. He says we shall tell the Inspector and he will think what to do. Abeer is worried about Amla. Sunny talks to his boss and says he came to pick Annie, and tells that the girl Amla will stay alone for tonight. Anisha asks Amla not to open the door and stay in her room and take care. Amla locks the door and sits. Sunny tells his boss that the girl is butter. He sees Anisha coming and says she is looking good. He asks about Amla and says she shall stay with safety.

Anisha asks Sunny to bring her hair brush from home. He says you asked me to stay away from Amla. Anisha asks him to just bring. Amla sees Sunny from eye ball and opens the door. Sunny comes inside and asks if she is going out. Anisha comes there and tells Sunny that she has to get something and asks him to go and start the car. Sunny goes. Anisha asks Amla why did she open the door. Amla says Sunny is your brother. Anisha says I told you not to open the door even if Sunny comes, and says she has keys to open the door. Amla is tensed. Anisha asks her not to get scared and don’t open the door.

Rishan asks Viren, are you crazy. Viren says she will call again being greedy. Mando calls again and asks him to give 4 lakhs rs. Viren asks her to take 1 lakh rupees. Mando agrees. Viren transfers 1 lakh rupees to Mando. Mando tells him that Amla had left a letter before going in which she told that she will not stay until Abeer is here. She says Abeer had also written a love letter for Amla, reading which Amla got scared and ran. She says trouble is on Abeer. Viren says you took 1 lakh to give this news. He says you are kamini. Mando says I am Maha Kamini. Viren tells Rishan that he will build a hatred wall between Evan and Abeer.

Abeer asks Inspector to do something and search Amla. Inspector asks if he is hiding something. Abeer says it was an usual fight and he would have apologized to her. Inspector asks about Anisha. Abeer tells that Isha came to their house to return a chain and then she befriended Amla. Inspector says such girls befriends innocent and vulnerable girls and must have come to your house with proper planning, befriended your wife and took her in confidence. He says he has to investigate the matter and says there may be some boss of that girl. Abeer is shocked and thinks to call Evan. He then calls Viren and accuses them for conspiring against Amla and getting her trapped. Viren says why we will do this, and says we are from good family. Abeer tells Viren that he knows what Evan can do and will kill him. Viren says what to do, he is like that. Abeer says I will kill him, the day I meet him. He ends the call. Viren asks Rishan how is his plan. Rishan says Bingo.

Dev comes to Anisha’s house holding bouquet for her and rings door bell. Amla is sleeping and wakes up. She thinks who must have come, Isha told me not to allow anyone. She thinks to check who is on the door. Dev continues to ring door bell. Amla walks towards the door. She opens the door.


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 4th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Abeer asks where is Amla? Where did you hide her. Evan says what did she told you, that she will come to me tonight. Abeer gets angry and beats Evan. Viraj and Suveer try to stop him. Sunny brings boss to Anisha’s house and asks Amla to open the door. Amla is about to open the door.

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