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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 3rd June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 3rd June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Mando says it is done and gets tensed. Mannu asks Amla if she is carrying a baby and asks if she is feeling pain. Karuna asks Mannu to come to room and asks Mando to be careful while talking. Karuna says can you see her condition, she couldn’t come out from trauma and this trouble. She asks God why he is doing this and tells that don’t know whose baby is this, that devils have raped her. Karuna asks what did you say? Mando changes her words and says she wants to say that if this baby is of Abeer or Dev. Karuna asks her not to make noise and checks her pulse. Abeer hears them and looks on shocked. Karuna tells her that nerves are normal, she is not pregnant. Mando asks did you deliver any baby or become a mother ever. Karuna says she helped many woman deliver in her Pind. Mando taunts her.

Karuna asks her not to worry and tells that Amla is her bahu and she will test if she is pregnant.

Mando says we shall find out whose baby is this. Amla is shocked and runs to room. She locks herself. Abeer is also shocked. Karuna sees her from window. Amla is sitting scared and crying. Karuna feels her pain and asks Abeer if he heard. Abeer is shocked. Karuna asks Raghu not to leave Amla alone and tells that we will get the test done in the morning, and asks him to be with her till then. Raghu says ok.

Dev comes to the restaurant and asks for keys. Manager tells that your room was booked till 12 and says we gave your room to some other customer. He says 70 Rs are remaining from your advance. Dev says he is not waiter to take tip. Dev says he knows the tourist business. Manager asks him to give advance and make a fresh booking. Dev says I don’t have money and leaves. Amla recalls the pain she went through, and cries badly. Jag Rutha Sab Chuta Kya, Kya Qusoor tha mera plays. Raghu sees her through window and cries too. Abeer is sitting out and is tensed.

Divya tells Darshan that she has taken care of Viraj as he was unwell, and that she hates him for his doings. Viraj comes back to room. Evan and Suveer ask what happened? Viraj says lets go out and have wine. Evan says lets go on a drive. Viraj says he wants to drink. Suveer says just now you got fine. He says lets go.

Rishan asks Viren how did he come to know about my son. Viren says he saw Suveer by chance. Rishan asks what he is doing here and says if he got 1 more chance then Suveer’s life will be in danger. He asks how did you let him come? Viren says did I give him invite and tells that he will handle him. He says we will keep security for Suveer. Rishan says Suveer is weak and he might speak the truth due to fear. He asks him to send Dev back and says nothing shall happen to Suveer.

Dev comes to the park. Watchman asks him to go and not to sleep. Dev gets up and leaves. Karuna tells Abeer that they have to support Amla, and says she is our responsibility. Abeer asks God not to do this and cries. Dev sleeps on the stairs outside the shop. Sweeper asks him to wake up and go. Archie is going in car and spots Dev. She asks driver to stop the car and says she will come in 2 mins. She does her make up and goes to meet Dev. Dev sees her. Abeer is still sitting out till morning. Mando says lets go to hospital. Karuna says this test is easy and asks Amla to do home pregnancy test. Amla takes the pregnancy HCG strip and go to washroom. Mando, Karuna and others are worried. Amla comes out and shows the pregnancy strip to Karuna. Mando asks what happened? Karuna checks it and says it is positive. Mando is shocked. Amla is teary eyes.


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 5th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Karuna takes Amla to hospital and get her pregnancy test done again. She checks the reports and looks at Amla sadly. Amla gets tears in her eyes.