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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 4th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 4th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Dev comes to Anisha’s house and rings the bell. Amla looks out through the eye ball. Dev sits and writes his name on the card, keeps bouquet down outside the door and goes. Amla sees his back when he is going. She opens the door and gets the flowers, thinks someone might have keep it for Isha. Evan asks Dev to bring wine from the nearby shop. Dev says ok and goes. Abeer comes in the taxi and is paying money to the driver, but some of the change falls down. He bends down to pick up. Dev comes, sits in car and goes, he don’t see Abeer. Abeer comes inside and grabs Evan’s collar asking where is Amla, where did he hide her. Eva asks if Amla told that she is coming to me tonight. Abeer beats him badly. Viraj and Suveer tries to stop Abeer and Evan. Abeer blames Evan for sending Amla to the pr*stitute and says don’t you get shame, you have stoop so low. He asks who is this Annie. Evan says you shall know as she is his wife. They fight. Viraj tells Abeer that he has a misunderstanding, Amla is not here. Abeer asks if they want Amla to become escort like annie. Dev returns in car. Evan says who is this Annie. Viraj says you are having a misunderstanding. Abeer says I was stupid to make you friends. Viraj says we haven’t send Amla anywhere.

Suveer says we are not happy that she is missing, we don’t want Police to reach her. Evan says he has gone mad. He asks if Mama don’t tell you that we have hired men to find her. He asks what do you think that I will make her escort and run my home with her money. He says what do you think, why did we get you marry her, so that we don’t face her. He says do you really think we are out of our head to take troubles again. Dev is still in car and comes out. Evan says we have given mando and you lots of money. I have hired Dev, and do you think I am damm stupid to make Amla sit on my lap. Abeer goes from there holding his head. Dev gets down from the car, and again goes to get the food stuff. Abeer goes. Dev and Abeer didn’t see each other. Evan tells that he will kill Abeer if he raise hand on him again. Viraj asks where did she go? Evan says don’t know. Dev comes inside. Suveer and Evan hide their faces. Evan keeps the food and wine there and sees the bean bags fallen. Dev asks if everything is fine. Evan says they were playing game. Viraj asks him to go. Evan asks him to come on time tomorrow.

Amla sees chain with Annie and thinks this is the same thing which Isha brought that day and thinks she didn’t give it to Police. She then smells the flowers. The note falls on the table from the bouquet. Amla opens it and sees Dev written on it. She gets shocked. Abeer is walking on the road distressed. Amla thinks he can’t be Dev. Abeer sits on side of road and cries being worried about Amla. Amla thinks about Dev and sleeps while sitting on the chair.

Sunny tells Boss that Amla thinks he is Annie’s brother and she will open the door thinking her to be her brother. He rings the bell. Amla wakes up and goes towards the door. She sees Sunny through eye ball. Sunny rings the bell. Boss signs why she is not opening the door. Sunny says he is Sunny and asks Amla to open the door, tells that Annie met with an accident. Amla thinks who is Annie and is about to open door. Neighbor comes and asks Sunny when did he come.. He says he thought to meet Annie. Neighbor goes. Boss tells Sunny that they shall go from here. They leave. Abeer thinks he shall go home and tell Amla’s truth to everyone, they shall know that Amla is stuck with whom. He thinks if he calls Annie, she will not tell him about Amla’s whereabouts and thinks Annie had written her number on some bill and thinks to go there and find out about her.


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 5th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Door bell rings. Anisha asks Amla to go to room and opens the door. Anisha asks her why did he come here and asks her to stay away from Amla. Boss comes inside and slaps Anisha, she falls down. Amla comes out of her room and sees Anisha on floor.

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