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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 4th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 4th July 2017 Written Episode Update on

Suveer is shocked to see Dev and runs to his cabin. Dev follows him and asks why you are running away. Suveer says I remembered some work and asks him to move. Dev is standing infront of him. Abeer, Amla, Mannu and others come for a picnic. Amla throws the ball while everyone do batting. Abeer turns comes. Amla goes. Mando throws the ball. Abeer couldn’t bat. Mando asks Amla to throw the ball. Abeer says I don’t want to play. Raghu comes to bat. Amla says she will throw bat while he bats. Dev says I want to talk to you and says whenever you see me, why you get scared and asks if you are hiding something from me. Suveer asks why I will get scared. Dev says Abeer has ruined Amla’s name then why your name was published in the newspaper. Viren comes as a savior for Suveer and tells that he doesn’t have any answer, and asks him to go. Suveer tells slowly that Dev is creating problem. Viren asks Dev what happened? Dev says whenever he sees me, he gets shocked. I am doubtful. Viren asks him to stay away from Maliks, else it will be bad.

Amla plays with Mannu and laughs. Mando says she was refusing to come here, but now is happy. Karuna says it is good that she is laughing, I thought she forgot to smile. Mando sees Abeer and asks why he is so tensed. I am seeing he is worried since night. Mannu asks Amla if she remembers that they went to Manali with Dev and had a train ride. He says train is here also, and asks Amla why Dev is not visiting them. Abeer looks upset. Amla gets upset. Dev clicks his selfie with his smart phone and remembers Annie seeing the chutney bottle kept in the shop. He smiles.
Mannu asks Amla to come and asks her to have a train ride with him. Amla says ok and goes with him. Abeer gets an idea and recalls promising her that he will speak his talks to her. He gets up. Everyone looks on. Abeer goes towards the train. Mando asks Amla to be careful with Mannu. Raghu asks her not to worry. Train starts. Abeer runs and jumps. He takes Mannu out of train. Amla shouts Mannu and asks Abeer to go. Everyone looks on.

Dev comes to Annie’s building and stops himself from going inside. Annie comes in her car and asks you are here? She says you didn’t call me, I thought you will not meet me again. She asks how come you are here? Dev says he was going from here and thought to say her bye as company might send him to abroad. He gives her chutneys bag which he brought for her and asks him to remember him whenever she have chutney with paratha and asks her to take care and leaves. Amla asks Abeer what is he doing? She asks him to let her get down. Abeer asks her to sit. Amla says she will jump off from the train. Abeer asks her to sit calmly and makes her sit forcibly. He says I need to talk to you and asks her to sit. Amla is scared and cries. Abeer apologizes for touching her and making her sit forcibly. Raghu says where did he take Amla? I will go and bring her. Mando asks him to sit back. Karuna asks Raghu not to worry and says Abeer will not harm Amla. She says you know naa, Abeer is your friend. Raghu says he is my friend and will not do anything. Mannu comes to Raghu and insists to have a train ride.

Abeer tells Amla that he is going far away from her once his passport and visa are ready. He says I came to know something of that night, I can understand your pain and hates myself. I think I am a devil to have……He says few days back, I came to know that I haven’t done anything with you. He says my mum is no more, and nobody is important to me than my mum. He says My mom is my everything and I swears on my dead mum that I haven’t touch you that night. Amla is shocked. Abeer says I know you will not trust me and I know you can’t forgive me. He says I was drunk that night and held your hand, but just to talk to you. He says that devils…..He says I am guilty as I couldn’t stop them. He says I got unconscious when I went there. He says he is feeling suffocated and feeling the same pain as hers. He asks her to trust him and says I haven’t done anything with you. Amla says you have snatched my everything, my happiness, my dreams. I remember that incident and I feel suffocated, you have broken my life in pieces, and says you have killed me and you have killed me. I just have hatred in my heart for you.


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 5th July 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Mando comes wearing modern outfit. Everyone smiles. Abeer tells Amla that he will come with her for Mannu’s admission. Amla is angry. Later Dev comes to Raghu’s house and shoots him.