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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 4th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 4th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Amla hears Viren giving flight tickets to Abeer and says it is of Mumbai. Abeer says I will not go from here. Viren says case can open if Inspector gets angry and says Dev will not leave you. Abeer refuses to go. Viren says I am promised Neeru. Abeer says I haven’t promised her. Viren asks him not to show ego. Mando asks them to come for having food.

Rishan and Raunaq come to the office. Employees wish them good morning. Amla is in shock. Bhao asks her to have food. Neeru calls Viren and asks if Amla and Abeer got married and left. Viren says they will leave in sometime. Neeru says she has to free Dev as his dad came. She ends the call. He talks louder and pretends to talk to Neeru. He tells that Dev is coming here to kill them and they shall leave before he comes here.

Yuvraj asks Neeru to leave Dev. Neeru says what he will do now as Amla is now married to Abeer. She asks him not to go to meet Amla or her family. She asks him not to become majnu. Dev is in shock and angry. He asks Sultan who is Abeer? Yuvraj says he is local here, a photographer and had an affair with Amla. Dev asks Amla? Yuvraj says yes and asks him to stay far from them. Dev says I went far from her, she never loved me and goes. Yuvraj asks Sultan to stay with Dev.

Rishan scolds Suveer and Evan and says your deeds cost me big. He tells that he got them freed without getting punished as he thinks of them as investment. He tells that he has a big business deal with Manwinder. Raunaq asks them not to talk or have any contact with Abeer. Rishan says you are free to go.

Rasika, an employee congratulates Suveer on his engagement. Suveer says nothing is permanent if he gets a girl who changes his mind. Rasika comes to Rishan. Rishan pulls her closer to him. Rasika says good morning Rishan. He says good morning love.

Bhao tells that Amla will not go out of city. Viren says if Dev does something or kill her. Bhao says if he will kill her? Viren says Inspector told that she left Dev and he is coming here to kill them. He says nobody can handle him now, police or his father. He asks him to send Amla out of city for few days, and says if she stays here then people will say that Dev have become killer because of her. He emotionally blackmails him and says people will forget soon, then Amla can return after 2-3 months. He says he has taken this decision and thought to send them to foreign. Mando says their entire family will go and asks him to get their visa. Amla refuses to go anywhere and tells she don’t care and asks Abeer to go to hell. She asks Viren not to worry and tells that she will not go anywhere. Abeer gets Karuna’s call. Amla looks at him with hatred and sees mark on his hand. Abeer hides it with his sleeves. Dev is in car and asks someone about Abeers home. They say it was there.

Karuna calls Abeer and asks if the marriage happened? Abeer says maaso. Karuna says it is not a game and says there can be no compensation for the crime, and says you have ruined her life and even yours. She says I took her to the hospital and she was in a bad condition. She tells that this guilt will never go and cries. Just then Dev comes there crashing the gate and shouts Abeer’s name asking him to come. Karuna asks what you are doing and calls for help. Dev breaks the things outside the house and asks Abeer to come out. Abeer hears the sound and asks who is there? Karuna comes out of house. Dev asks where is he?

Karuna asks him to listen and says whatever happened was wrong. Dev says I will kill him. Abeer calls Karuna. Dev says I will not leave him. Karuna comes inside the house and is shocked. She gets Abeer’s call and picks it. She says Dev…Abeer asks what happened? Karuna asks him to go far away and tells that Dev will harm you and Amla. Abeer says your place. Amla hears him.


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 5th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap: Amla asks Abeer to take her to Mumbai else Dev..Abeer is shocked. Later in the car, Amla asks Abeer to stay away from her.

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