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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 4th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 4th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode start with Amla said to abeer .. if that night hadn’t came and if you aren’t be there… abeer said if… and abeer sit beside amla. abeer said if On someone’s say you hadn’t doubtfull about me hopefully you could understand who you are for me.How and why did this happen i cannot answer this neither luck will give that answer. look amala if that night leave you and still if exist on you.

Abeer Said, there will not be anything right.Until you does not come out from that night…Until then, you can not see new colors of life.Amla I just live for you. My every steps is for your happiness.I can give my life for you other than this I have nothing to give you. if.. amla looks to abeer. abeer say again if …Abeer said if you had build your trust on me. abeer leaves amala is looking abeer

Rishan Mallik and Viren are playing pool. Viren said shot, Brillant Shot.Rishan said yes viren finall everything is falling into its place. dev dead so our problem are also finished.Viren tell to rishan remaing suveer and mahi marriage.

Rishan tells Viren that Dev and our problems will end together. Viren says except Mahi and Suveer’s marriage. Rishan says it will happen too. Viren says I don’t think Manwinder will agree. Rishan says woman is weak in love and is forced to give a chance to man anyhow.

Mahi thinks about Suveer and the happy times spent with him. She recalls her cancelled marriage etc. She gets Rishan’s call. She picks it up. Rishan tells her that they have accepted her as their bahu and asks her to make her parents believe that she will marry only Suveer. Manwinder ji takes phone from Mahi’s hand. Rishan asks her to give a chance to Suveer. Manwinder says how dare you to think that my daughter will marry a rapist. He warns him not to contact Mahi again, else he will make him out of business and city too. He says I will not leave them so easily. Mahi cries. Rishan gets tensed and tells Viren that Manwinder threatened him. Viren says it is not easy for him, but Mahi will melt seeing Suveer. Rishan says we have to plan carefully. Evan asks what they are planning. Viren asks about his wound. Evan says he is better and says he bought special gift for him, and calls Dev asking him to bring it. He asks Rishan to open champagne. Just then they see Dev walking inside. Rishan asks Evan what is this? Evan says it seems Chachu doesn’t like the gift. He asks Dev to go. Dev goes. Evan asks them to relax and says he is Dev only.

Viren asks how can you let him alive. Evan says I am more responsible than Suveer. He says Dev needs to be alive for us, and it will benefit us. He says dev is not Amla’s finance or lover, he is now our gun who will be fired when the time comes.

Dev puts Amla’s things in the box and says I had kept these things thinking I have a misunderstanding. He says I was stupid to search you, but you forgot me because of that man. He says I will burn everything. He lights the match, but goes hearing the door bell. Anisha comes there and asks if he is fine? He nods yes.

Mahi tells Manwinder that you and Mama have been in pain seeing my condition. Manwinder says no, and tells that Rishan Malik have to pay for this. He gets a heart attack and he falls down. Mahi calls Ritu and Servants.

Dev tells Anisha that he has become dead body now. Anisha asks what did she say? Dev says she was accusing me and trusting the guy who had ruined our lives. Anisha says you are not bad, just think that Amla has forgotten you and moved in. She don’t think bad about you. Dev gets angry and asks how to forget her. Anisha says you have a life ahead, if you take one step then life will take 4 steps for you. Dev says it is easy for you to tell. Anisha says Amla will not return, she has moved on, understand this and moved on. Dev says she has ruined me, don’t know where to go and hit my head. Anisha says you are still same Dev whom I met. I have realized seeing you that I have a heart in me. I have realized that I can share my feelings with him etc. Hearing this, Dev looks at her and gets engaged in kiss with her.

Amla thinks about Abeer and his words. Yeh moh ke dhaage plays….She reminisces Dev. Abeer comes and picks her scarf. Amla tells him that she wants to forget her past behind and fill her life with new colors. Abeer smiles.


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 5th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Mannu asks who is Ganapati’s father and mother. Abeer and Amla say Shiv ji and Parvati ji. Mannu says just like you both. Abeer asks him to have food. Mannu asks when your Ganapati will come.

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