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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 5th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 5th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Abeer is in shock and thinks that number was written on some bill and thinks may be he will reach Amla through that address. Amla is resting in Anisha’s house. She gets Anisha’s call and she asks if she is fine, and asks if anyone come. Amla says Sunny came with someone, but I haven’t open the door. Anisha says she will come home in sometime and asks her to stay safe and do not open the room. Amla says ok. Anisha thinks Sunny reached there with boss. I have to do something and shall go home, she is not safe.

She asks driver to take her fast and thinks how to save Amla from Sunny. She thinks how to save Amla and thinks to call Dev. She thinks it is better if he don’t come infront of Amla. Abeer comes to house and asks Maaso to give the bill on which Isha’s name was written.

Karuna gives the bill. Abeer gets the bill and goes. Anisha thinks she has to do this for her safety. She calls at Amla’s house. Karuna picks the call. Anisha tells her that Amla shall return home and asks Karuna to come and talk to her, may be she will agree. She gives her address. Karuna writes it down and calls Abeer, but before she could tell her address, Abeer says he is going there. Raghu gets happy and says Amla is found.

Anisha returns home and locks the door. She asks Amla if she is fine and asks why did she sleep there. Amla sees bruises on her hand and asks. Anisha says she fell down. Amla says she will give her water. Anisha asks who came? Amla asks who is Dev and gives the card. Anisha asks did you open the door. Amla says no, and says she saw him going. Anisha says he is her cousin and cooks up a story. Just then door bell rings again. Anisha asks Amla to go to room and opens the door. She asks Sunny why did he come? Boss comes and pushes Anisha and hurts Anisha. He asks where is that girl. Anisha says she left. Boss says how can you let her go and asks where is she? He slaps her hard and pushes her on floor. He is about to kick her when Amla comes out and calls Anisha. Sunny and boss looks at Amla and smiles. Amla is shocked. Anisha asks Amla to run. Amla locks the door. Sunny asks Amla to open the door.

Anisha asks Sunny to leave Amla. Sunny pushes her. He takes out knife and says he will ruin her face. They knock on the door. Amla sees window and elopes before they break the door. Sunny says she has eloped. Amla is hiding behind the door. Anisha sees her and asks Amla to run. She tells her that she is a pr*stitute and they make her work for them. Amla is shocked and asks Anisha to come with her. Anisha holds glass piece asks her to run and says they will not harm her. Amla runs out of house and locks the door. She waits for the lift. Abeer comes there and asks watchman that he wants to go to flat no 203. When lift don’t come. Amla takes stairs. Sunny and boss comes out of Anisha’s house and sees Amla running. Abeer gets in the lift just as Amla gets down the stairs, and they don’t see each other. Sunny and Boss run after Amla. Abeer gets out of lift He comes to Anisha’s house and asks where is Amla and what did you do with Amla. He asks where is Amla?

Anisha says Amla has eloped. Amla is running on road. Abeer says if anything happens to her then I will not leave you. Anisha says goons are behind her and asks him go and rescue her. Anisha says she is saying truth. Abeer checks her in the rooms. Sunny and boss search Amla on the road in their car. Amla tries to get the water from the pot kept there, but water is not there. She sees other goons sitting there and runs away. Abeer says he knows girls like her and says if she wants Amla to be like her.. Anisha asks him to shut up and says this time is not to judge me, I know who am I and what I do. I didn’t keep Amla here. Amla came here because of you. She says I know what can happen with her and that’s why I let her stay here. Amla sees police station and is about to go there, when Sunny and boss come in the car. Amla is shocked.


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 7th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Abeer asks Anisha if Dev took Amla. Anisha says no. She asks him to go and save Amla, says she is in trouble. Sunny and boss comes in car and hit Amla. Amla falls down unconscious on road.

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