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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 5th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 5th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Abeer asks Karuna what happened? Karuna informs him that Dev came home and threatened to kill him. She asks him not to return home and go somewhere far. Abeer says how can I go without you. Karuna cries and gives him promise not to come home. Abeer says I am coming there. Karuna asks him to do as she said. Viren asks what happened? Abeer informs Viren that Dev went to my house and threatened to kill me, I can’t go home and meet my Maaso. He says I will show my anger to Dev now. Viren stops him and tells everyone that he told them that Dev is very angry. Abeer says until when I will run away from him, either of us will be alive. He is about to go. Amla stands up and asks him to take her to Mumbai. Abeer and everyone are shocked. Amla says I want to go to Mumbai else Dev……Mando and Viren smiles.

Viren thinks Dev has done something good. Later Bhao cries as Amla is leaving for Mumbai. He says how I will live without you and says I will miss you much. He says if you don’t go then Dev….Amla looks on angry at Abeer and says she wants to die with Dev’s hand rather than living her life ahead. Bhao asks her not to tell this.s Amla says Dev’s life will get better and he will forget me in some days. She cries and looks at the place. She says she is leaving today leaving everything. She says everything is finished, her home, love and dreams. She stares angrily at Abeer and says they have snatched my everything and sealed in this envelope. My life have been light now and cries. Mando smiles and asks them to stop drama. She says we will go in some days.

Viren says Abeer have a mobile and you can talk. Mando says ok. She asks them to stop their drama and asks Bhao to keep Amla with him. Bhao and Amla hug each other. They bid bye to Amla. Viren asks Abeer to remember his sayings. Viren asks driver to take them. Bhao asks Amla to take care of herself. Amla cries. Mando gets happy and shakes hand with him. She asks him to come home. He says he will wait for sometime. Mando takes Bhao with her. Viren calls Rishan and says Abeer and Amla are married and he has sent them to Mumbai. Rishan asks why did you send them to Mumbai? If she comes infront of Evan or Suveer then…..Viren says Mumbai is a big city and says we will keep watch on them. They had to go from here. He asks him to relax and cuts the call. Sultan asks Dev to come and tells Pushpa in unwell.

Bhao and Mando are in car. Mando opens her purse and checks money, gets happy. She pulls Bhao’s cheeks happily. Dev goes to his house and sees Pushpa’s health worsening. Pushpa gives promise to Dev and asks him not to go there, thinks it as a mistake. He asks him to promise. Dev says he can’t promise. Pushpa says Dev. Dev says how I will live with my life now. Pushpa asks cant you live for me. Dev says can’t live peacefully now. Pushpa gives him promise and asks him to forget Amla and not to leave her. Pushpa cries. Amla recalls the trauma and is scared. Abeer says everything is fine. He asks driver to stop the car and goes to sit in the front seat. Amla comes out of car and gets vomiting. Abeer asks her to drink water. Amla refuses and asks him not to take her name. Abeer says I will never take your name.


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 6th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Amla tells Abeer that she can’t stay with him in one room and wants separate room. Evan calls Abeer. Abeer asks him to meet and says he is Mumbai. Evan says it is not possible to meet today. Abeer says he wants to meet rest of his friends also.

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