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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 6th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 6th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Mannu gives commentary and tells that mando is in tension rather than giving tension. Raghu is tensed too while Abeer is angry young man. Karuna and Amla come back home. Karuna says test is negative and says Amla is not pregnant. Mando is shocked and hesitantly says it is good. Karuna says it is good for Amla. Amla hugs her and cries. Abeer looks on. Hema tells Raunaq that you didn’t say anything till now and even I tried to maintain peace environment at home. She says we can’t tell anything in house matters. We are elders, but have no standing or respect. Raunaq says it is not like that. Hema says you gets elder by your wish and keeps silent sometimes. She says we have to think about Evan. Raunaq says Rishan thinks about Suveer’s only and asks what to do. Hema says when kids were small, she used to scolded Evan when Evan and Suveer had a fight. She says Evan is more efficient than Suveer, but Rishan never praise him. She says Evan and Suveer are equally responsible in Dev’s incident, but Rishan is just protecting Suveer. She says Rishan insulted me today and you didn’t say anything. Raunaq says I will do something.

Viren tells Rishan that Amla’s family ask for money always, and that’s why he thought to buy the house and sell it. Rishan says sometimes you say right. Raunaq comes and says I want to talk to you. Rishan asks do you need permission. Raunaq says what do you think that Evan don’t need security. Rishan says Dev was after Suveer and asks him to ask Evan if he needs security. Mando says home test gone waste. Karuna says sometimes mistakes happen and that’s why we went to hospital to get tested. Mando says it is a game. Karuna asks Amla to freshen up and says she will make the food ready. Mando tells Raghu, since when they have become friends. Raghu says good for Amla. Mando says we want her happiness.

Raunaq tells Evan that he was telling Evan, how much he worked on the Udaipur project. Evan gives file to Rishan. Rishan says I am quite busy and says we will do family meeting later. Evan says why later? Rishan says I can’t give my entire day for the project. Evan asks shall I wait for you all day. Rishan says you have given the project report and your work is finished. Raunaq asks what do you mean and tells that Evan is handling the project. Rishan asks who told you and tells that he is running business and not doing charity.

Mannu comes to Amla and asks what is she doing? Amla says she is making pakodas. Mannu asks for the kiss. She kisses on his cheeks. Karuna comes. Mannu says Bua made his favorite kadi and kissed him too. Karuna says smell is coming till here. She comes inside and says I thought to make something for you. She says I will make food for Abeer and me. Amla says I made for everyone. Karuna blesses her. Mando comes and says what a thing. She asks did you go to hospital or some magician. She asks her to tell how to do magic. Karuna says it is simple, and asks her to talk sweet, sympathise and trust. Mando says I am happy to see saas bahu love and says Amla shall accept this relation soon. Karuna says I will serve food to abeer and then we will have food together. Amla looks on upset. Rishan says I said Evan will not work on this project and says he will give small project to him. Evan says may be your actions go against you. Viren asks Rishan to tell Evan about his new project. Evan asks what is your new game plan. Viren says no and asks Raunaq to come, and says it is a new project and new start and hope. Rishan thinks Evan seems to be clever, but I will not let him come near the project.

Karuna asks Abeer to have food made by Amla. Abeer says I already have food. Karuna says I know you don’t want to trouble her and that’s why don’t want to have food made by her. She says she will make roti for him. Abeer asks her to save his new number and asks do you know who gave your number to Dev. Abeer says he will not call now. Karuna asks until when he will hide the truth. Abeer says Amla is looking here. Karuna says she understands now that you are my son. Evan checks the file and says so this is chacha’s big projects. He asks what do you think that I will hold his leg. Viren says this project will be yours only and tells that if you do it successfully then sky is a limit. Evan says shall I waste my year. Viren says no project is big or small. Dev is standing infront of Malik’s office. He sees Suveer coming in his car with security guard and hides. Suveer gets down the car and goes. Dev thinks he got body guard. Karuna brings the food plate and tells that she will make roti for Abeer, and tells that he don’t want to trouble her. Amla hears her and leaves.

Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 7th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Mando holds Amla’s hand. Amla asks her not to touch her. Mando asks if those four men have the right to hold your hand. Amla says parjayi. Mando is about to slap her, but Karuna comes and holds her hand. Dev tells Viren that nobody can stop him.