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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 7th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 7th July 2017 Written Episode Update on

Dev comes to the store from where Amla called him. He reaches the novelty store and asks about the girl. Owner asks if he is the same guy who called her. Dev says yes. Owner tells that he didn’t know. Dev shows Amla’s pic. Owner says he didn’t know. Abeer, Amla and Mannu come there and get down from the auto. Mannu insists Amla to let him have icecream. Amla says we will go home. Mannu insists. Abeer says he will bring chocolate for him. Dev turns and is about them, but bus passes from there, and he couldn’t see them standing at the opposite side of road.

Viraj drinks wine at the restaurant and recalls his mum’s words. He gets depressed. Sunny sees him. Archie eats the chutney. Sunny calls her and asks her to get ready as he has taken advance. Dev sits in the car and goes. Abeer sees Dev, don’t recognize as he don’t know his face. Amla looks on.

Suveer asks Manwinder what is his mistake. Mahi says it was an accident, he was just trapped. Manwinder says you always get trapped. Suveer says he is innocent. Manwinder says I am not breaking the marriage, but postponing the marriage. He says he don’t want Jamai who have a police record.

Archie gets ready. Sunny comes and tells her that as she changes mind, he brought client here. Archie looks at Viraj.

Amla, Raghu and Mannu come to the shopping mall. Mannu insists that he need a toffy. He tells them that Abeer said that he will bring toffy for him and says he will go with him to market. Amla gets upset. Raghu asks him to say sorry.

Mahi tells Manwinder that they love each other. Manwinder asks her to stop her nonsense. Suveer says we both love each other and wants to marry. Pallavi says she wants to say something and tells that I know you don’t want to change your decision, even if I had a daughter, I wouldn’t have let her marry guy like Suveer. She says no girl of a good family will marry him after this incident.

Viraj is in Archie’s room and asks her to sit beside him. She asks why did you come here then? Viraj lie down on her lap and asks him to keep her hand on his head. She asks what do you want. He says forgiveness. He apologises to her. Archie asks him to sleep. Viraj cries and sleeps on her lap. Archie thinks with whom you want forgiveness. Amla likes a dress at a shop in the mall. Raghu says he will buy if she likes. He asks the shop keeper about the price. He says 2000 Rs. Amla asks from where he got money. He says Mando gave him. Amla asks him to come. Raghu stops at the shop.

Abeer looks at the Amla’s dupatta decorative piece and smiles. Oh Re Piya plays…………..Mannu asks her to bring icecream for him. Amla turns and sees him missing. Raghu buys dress for Amla and comes out of shop. He searches Amla. Amla searches Raghu. He gets water from a lady and tells that he is lost and asks how to find his sister and son. Mannu cries. Amla asks security guy about Raghu. He says may be he went home. Amla says she will go home and check. They leave. Raghu tries to talk to security, but he is busy on phone. Mannu and Amla come home. Mannu cries and tells Abeer that Raghu is lost in the mall. Abeer says he will go and bring him. Amla says she will go and search him. Abeer asks what do you think about yourself and says once a person goes missing, he couldn’t be traced easily. Amla is shocked.


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 8th July 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Abeer comes to the mall and sees goons taking Raghu. Abeer asks where you are taking him and gets angry. Amla looks on. Dev comes to the Police station and asks about Abeer’s address. Amla hugs Raghu happily. Abeer sees her and gets happy.