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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 7th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 7th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Mando asks Amla why she is showing love on her saas and asks if that lab guy mixed something in your blood or took your blood. She asks if she will shower love on Abeer. Amla says there is no use of talking to you, you made me quiet then, atleast Karuna understands me. Mando says she must have done magic on you. Amla says you have taken advantage of my situation and got me married to him through the lawyer. She says you have just taken my advantage. Rishan and Viren talk about the company. Viren tells Rishan that Evan was right and asks him to be careful. Rishan asks are you threatening me. Viren says I am just trying to make you understand and says that if Raunaq asked for his shares, then the property will be divided into two. Rishan gets thinking. Viren asks him to start a new business along with him in a partnership. Rishan refuses. Viren tells him that Chacha ji left business on Pallavi’s name and tells that he has taken care of his family since their marriage.

Amla tells Mando that Karuna could see her pain and says I die almost daily because of your taunts. Mando scolds her and asks don’t you have shame. Amla says why? You didn’t let me hide anywhere and publicize my fake pregnancy. Mando says if you had got pregnant then you would have come to us and holds her hand. Amla asks her not to touch her. Mando asks if only those four guys have the right to touch you. Amla shouts parjayi. Mando is about to slap her. Karuna holds her hand and asks didn’t you have shame to raise hand on her. She says Amla wants to forget that, but you brings it infront of her. She asks her to keep her mouth shut and supports Amla and not taunt her. Raghu comes and says what happened? Mando says she twisted my hand. Raghu asks what did you do? Viren says I can work anywhere, and says people shall know my capabilities and can trust me. Rishan asks are you threatening me. Viren says no, you are quite intelligent and says Pallavi is my only sister and we have nothing else. He says even if you broke up with her, I will support you. He says Chacha ji and Pallavi gave you everything oblivious to the fact of your stage drama. He says you made company suffer losses and then made it back on track. He says if anyone comes to know about this…and asks him to make his new company without him. Rishan looks angrily.

Mando tells that Karuna have raised her hand on her. Amla says she didn’t do anything and asks Raghu to believe her. Mando asks him to take her to hospital and says her hand is paining. Raghu asks them to keep quiet, and asks Karuna to say. Karuna says I can just apologize and I held her hand as Mando was about to slap Amla. Mando asks why I will beat her. Amla says you have raised hand on me. Mando says they are lying, acts and goes. Karuna says sorry to Amla for interfering between them. Amla says it is her habit, Raghu will convince her. Karuna asks her to have food. Amla says she will have food with Bhao. Karuna says ok. Amla looks on.

Dev comes to Viren’s cabin. Guard stops him. Dev asks Viren to give almonds to guard as he forgot him. Viren says it is because of Mumbai temperature and asks him to come. He asks why did you come. Dev says Suveer, and you are here. He says you told that you are not having Abeer’s name and asks why did he lie. He says I have threatened Abeer and I heard that Suveer hired some security. Viren sees Evan outside the cabin talking to someone and closes the door so that Dev don’t see him. He asks what you want? Dev says he needs a job and tells that he don’t have money now. Viren smiles.

Amla comes to Mando and asks her to have food. Mando refuses. Amla says Bhao will not have food if you don’t come. Mando acts and asks him to go and have food, and pretends to be good and gives her promise. Raghu agrees. Mando takes out chocolate from under the bed and have it. Mannu comes and says my chocolate. Mando says I will get 3 for you. He says ok and goes.

Viren gives money to Dev and asks him to go back. He asks why did you waste your life for that betrayal girl. Dev grabs his collar and says I can call her betrayal. Viren says this is my office and I can kick you out. Dev calms down, and tells him that he don’t want his charity, but needs job. He says don’t know what I can do in helplessness.


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 8th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Viren sends Dev to someone and asks him to make Dev do double shift. Later Amla hears Karuna and Abeer talking about Dev. Abeer tells that he can’t leave his house being scared of Dev.