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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 8th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 8th April 2017 Written Episode Update on

Manwinder Malik asks Evan who is Rima. He asks what is her relation with Suveer. Hema says you start anywhere and at anytime, is this a place to joke. She apologizes to him and makes an excuse that Rima is their servant. Evan apologizes and says I didn’t know that you can hear me. Suveer says this joke is not good. Evan hugs him. Malik asks Mahi to be careful and says your brother in law can give you surprise any time. Evan asks Rishan to be careful with him and says small fish can defeat big fish anytime. Rishan is upset.

Amla applies mehendi design on Dev’s hand. Amla says she is practicing design. Dev says he have to take tourist and asks what they will think. Amla says they will think that you loves me. Manno asks him to take money from Amla, and give half to him. Dev says I shall take 20 from you and give half to you. Manno says it is commission. Amla sees him scratching his wound and tells him that she will take ointment from Ved ji and will give him before going to function. She says I will call you and ask. Dev says okay. He tells her that he will marry her soon and will come to take her after function ends. Amla asks him to get mehendi and runs after him.

Amla designs Mehendi on Mahi’s hand. Mahi says it is so beautiful, and she is also beautiful. Her mum says yes. Mahi tells that she practiced design on Manno and also on her fiance’s hand. Amla wishes her best for her life and asks her to tell his name. Mahi says Suveer and asks her Dev’s name. Amla says Dev. Mahi’s mum gives her money, but Amla refuses to take it saying Mando have taken the money already. Mando comes and takes money from her hand, saying she forgot to taught Amla not to refuse money. Mahi and her mum looks on. Just then someone comes and gives platinum ring to Mahi’s mum. Mahi says it is good. Mando says it is good but it is silver made. Mahi says it is made of platinum. Mando says we are poor and don’t know such things.

Manwinder Malik tells Rishan that Evan is looking happy and dancing as if today is his engagement. Rishan says they are family and getting happy in each other happiness. Brother in law tells that special guests have come. Abeer and Karuna come there. Abeer says I am happy that you come here. Karuna says I came just for you. Abeer introduces Karuna and Rishan. Rishan thanks Abeer and says I told him to bring you. Evan comes to Abeer and hugs him. He asks him to come and dance.

Amla sees the party from far. Rishan asks her to have something. Karuna says she will not have dinner and have his salt, as she don’t want to be his friend. Rishan says I am telling for your betterment. Karuna says Abeer is my son and don’t know the world, asks him to keep Abeer away from this matter. Rishan says even I don’t want to involve Abeer, when elders can solve the issue. Karuna says you will not get land until I am alive. She congratulates him for the bahu cum business deal and says you shall not insult lakshmi, asks him to bless her. Mahi comes and shows her hand to Amla from far.

Amla calls Dev and tells that bride signed me that mehendi is good. Dev says you are my ladi. Mahi says I will call after sometime. Mahi and Suveer exchange rings. Everyone is glad. Amla is happy to see the crackers and calls Dev again. She tells Dev that they shall have crackers also for their marriage. Dev asks her to make list. Amla says then expenses will be more and says you are enough for me. Resort staff comes and gives gift to Amla, saying Mahi gave for her. She tells Dev that Mahi gave bangle and that she has worn. Dev asks her not to forget him.

Amla sees party from far and is happy. After the engagement, everyone is dancing. Mahi and Suveer dance. Amla imagines dancing with Dev…..chura liye hai song plays….Amla comes there. Abeer sees Amla and smiles recalling seeing her before. Staff comes and calls Amla. Viraj comes and takes Abeer.

Mahi calls Dev and tells that groom and bride was dancing together, and says I was thinking we shall dance for our marriage, I was imagining you. Dev says I can’t hear you and will be there in 15 mins. Amla says party is still on. Dev says you went there for work and not for party, says I will be there in 15 mins. Mando takes phone from Amla’s hand and scolds her asking her to keep all the stuff. Evan asks Abeer to drink. Abeer tells that he has promised his Maaso, but his friends make him drink. Abeer is worried. Evan asks him to go to Maaso and apologized. He goes to her. Karuna asks him to take care and not to drink much. Abeer goes to drop her till door.

In the kitchen, Amla tells Bhao that Dev is coming to meet her in 15 mins, but Mando asks her to wrap up the stuff. She says if I don’t meet him then he will get upset on his tour. Bhao asks her to go. Amla hugs him and goes. Abeer comes back after dropping Karuna. He sees Amla. Amla tries to go. Abeer stops her way.


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 9th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap  : Abeer asks Amla to tell her name. Dev sees Abeer with Amla and calls her name. Amla runs away. Later his friends make him have a tablet. Abeer asks what is this? They tell that you will fly in air. They see Amla there. Abeer smiles.

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