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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 8th August 2017 Written Episode Update


‍Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 8th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Abeer and Amla are in the jungle. Hum Tum song plays as they look at each other after Sunny and Boss leave. Suddenly rain starts. They start walking. Abeer sees a shelter and tells Amla that they shall stay here for tonight. Amla says she will walk and asks him to search way to get out of jungle. She slips and he holds her. She says I have slipped. Abeer says you might don’t want to spend night here with me, you will not want to slip again and again and I hold you again and again.Amla looks at him. He holds her hand and asks her to come.

Rishan asks Evan are you lost it. Evan says yes and says he wants to take revenge from Abeer. Rishan says you will not take any revenge and tells that Mahi is coming here from morning flight and says what she will think that Abeer and you are completing your story here. He says we were all worried about the marriage and you want to call Abeer in baraat. He says marriage is on the way and says he don’t want to take any risk. Evan says I am sick and tired of this damm wedding. He asks whose marriage it is? It is of Suveer’s marriage and only you are in tension. He says you and your son will benefit with this marriage, and says he and his parents don’t care if marriage happens or not. Suveer asks Evan what he is saying and asks him not to do this. Rishan says your brother will get your marriage break. Suveer says we will not leave Abeer, but just not now. Evan nods ok.

Abeer takes Amla to a hut. Amla sits on the grass. Abeer lights the bonfire. Amla recalls about biting his hand when hiding from Sunny and boss, and thinks if he had not come on time then. Abeer thinks why didn’t you where you were stuck, why you have done this. I am your guilty and you were trying to punish yourself. He says wherever you are, I will find out. He asks her to sit near the fire as they are drenched. Amla says she is fine there itself.

Abeer takes off his shirt as he feels something. He then dries his shirt and gives to Amla asking her to wear. He thinks Amla will be wet all night and might catch cold. He thinks to get some antiseptic leaves for her wounds and tells her that he will come in sometime. Amla comes near the fire to take some heat and dry her clothes. She sees Abeer’s shirt and wears it. Abeer comes back and is surprised to see her wearing his shirt. He tells her that he came to get his phone and check signal. He brings lep which he made and says he will apply. Amla says she will apply. She is hesitant as she feels pain. Abeer holds her feet and applies lep to her foot.

Abeer says if I had known that you will hurt yourself and land yourself in trouble then I wouldn’t have returned. He says I will do whatever you says. He says if you want me to go then I will leave. He says you just started to take my name, and can ask me to get lost, but don’t get your hand and legs broken. Amla smiles and says Abeer….Abeer smiles and says I didn’t know that you will take name soon and will ask me to go. Amla asks him to apply lep and says even you are wounded. Abeer says he will be fine when washes with water. Amla says then you will also get that septic. Abeer nods, smiles and looks at her. Kisi shayer ki gazal……He sets the grass so that she can sleep peacefully. Amla rests on the grass. Abeer looks at her and sleeps later.

In the morning, Amla wakes up and sees Abeer. She takes off his shirt and tries to get up, feels pain and shouts. Abeer wakes up taking her name. Amla returns his shirt and thanks him. Abeer asks her not to walk. She says she can walk and slips. Abeer catches her in his embrace. They have an eye lock.



Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 9th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Inspector informs Amla that the girl who she is calling as her friend was infact a pr*stitute. Amla looks on. Mando informs Amla that Anisha is Dev’s lover and came to enquire about you, so that Dev kills everyone of us together.

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