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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 8th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 8th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Amla recalls her happy and romantic moments with Dev and gets sad. A sad music plays. Rishan asks Suveer about the boyguard. Suveer says he is fine. Rishan asks him to be careful. Viren comes there and asks them to be polite. He says Dev is here, and says we shall hire him and give him job, then he will be burden with our favor. Suveer says have you lost it. Rishan says why to keep enemy here. Dev is going out of office. Viren says he is very stubborn and don’t want to leave Abeer or this city. He says if he stays infront of us then we can control him. He says this is Mumbai, and says we will shift him to other city. Suveer asks Viren to kick him out. Viren says what you will do, if he follow Suveer or Evan or talk to Mahi. He says this is the best decision to keep eye on him. Rishan calls guard and asks him to send Dev to Viren’s cabin and tells Viren that he accepts his proposal. Suveer asks what you are doing? Rishan asks him to go to his cabin. Rishan tells Viren that they shall form a new company. Viren thanks him and says you are my real partner.

Viren calls someone. He says appointment letter is ready. Dev comes there and sees man and realizes that he is the one with whom he had a fight in the restaurant/bar. Viren asks Man to make Dev do the double shift work and also asks him to burden him with much work so that he don’t get any time for himself. He asks him to give 20000 cash to Dev. Man agrees. He gets up from his chair and says I thought you have no status, and says boss’ brother in law recommended you for this job and asks him to be here at 8:30 am and no personal work during work shift. He then gives money to Dev. Dev picks the money and thanks him. He reads the appointment letter and calls someone. He reads Archie’s message and calls her. Archie picks the call and asks what is the matter, today is my lucky day. Dev says you said that collide some day and tells that he got a job. Archie says finally you have joined and asks for Samosa party. Dev says he will make her have food after getting salary. He end the calls.

Abeer thinks to have bath in cold water and takes out his clothes from the cupboard. He comes inside the house. Mando sees him. Abeer says I was going to take bath. Amla gets up and is scared. Mando asks Abeer to see the tap which is not working properly. He says she will repair the tap. Mando stands outside the bathroom and looks on. Karuna wakes up and asks what you are doing here. Mando says she needs to go to bathroom. She opens her hairs and asks Raghu to wake up. Raghu says I am tired. Mando asks him to get up and asks him to promise to come out with her alone. Raghu says ok and asks her to let him sleep. Mando looks on.

Dev comes to the lounge. They refuse to give him room, but Dev pays them 10000 Rs and gets the room. Abeer comes out of bathroom. Karuna tells Abeer that she told him many times to dry his hairs. He says he likes wet hairs. She asks from where Dev got the number. Abeer says I went to meet Viren as I need to find out. Karuna says Viren must have given your number to Dev and asks him to be careful. Karuna says Dev will find the house. Abeer asks let him do, if I am scared of him and sit at home. He asks Karuna to sleep and says he is sure that Dev will not come here. Amla hears everything and is tensed.


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 9th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Abeer tells Amla that he is standing in betweer her and Dev. Amla shouts and throws something on him while cursing him to die. He raises his hand on her, but stops. Viren talks to Mando and comes to know that Amla is having share in house and land. Mahi hears him and thinks why is he talking about Amla.