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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 9th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 9th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Abeer lifts Amla in his arms and says you are very stubborn. I know I don’t have permission to love you, and I am not showing any rights on you. You can tell me anything after we reach home, till then you are my responsibility. He walks out of hut taking her in his arms and walks through the jungle. Karuna thinks about Abeer’s words and gets tensed. Mando sees milk boiling and tells that one more abshagun. She says she couldn’t sleep entire night. Just then Karuna sees Abeer bringing Amla home in his arms. They all go out and ask about Amla. Raghu says she is having fever. Mando asks Abeer what you have done with her, and asks about the storm last night. Karuna asks Abeer to take her to room and make her sleep. He makes her lie down on bed. Amla is unconscious or sleeping. Raghu asks why did you leave me and go and gets worried. Karuna says she will be fine. Raghu hugs Abeer and thanks him for bringing her home. Karuna asks Abeer to bring doctor and says she will make kada.

Mando calls Viren and tells that Amla is back. Viren and Rishan are shocked. Viren says it is good and asks if she told what happened with her. Mando says she is in shock and Dev got her kidnapped. Viren says Evan said that Dev doesn’t know about her. Mando tells him that Dev’s friend Anisha is a pr*stitute and her men were after Amla. Viren is shocked and asks Mando to handle police and Abeer. Mando tells him that Abeer argues with me often and might go to Police. Viren asks Mando to handle Abeer and says I didn’t give you 1 lakh in charity.

Rishan tells Viren that Dev is involved with pr*stitute and she knows Amla too. He says both losers have made common friend in this city. Viren asks him not to worry and says all game is ours, I know what to do if Amla and Dev come face to face.

Hema is angry with Evan. Evan tells her that he didn’t do anything. Hema says look at yourself, you can tell that you are company’s director and says you got beaten up and left Abeer. Evan says I haven’t left him, stayed silent till Suveer’s wedding. Hema asks if he is trying to become loser like his father. She says history is repeating itself. Rishan have used Raunaq as a stair. Evan says I won’t let this happen and says even I am a director. Hema says your dad had position, but he was dominated by Rishan. Evan asks what to do, shall I kill that Abeer. Hema says you are just like your dad, impulsive and emotional fool and asks him to use his mind and keep control on his anger. She says you have to snatch your rights from him and use mind to teach Abeer a lesson. Evan says I exactly know how to take revenge from Abeer and Rishan.

Rishan comes just then and says Mahi is coming, and he don’t want any trouble and cannot afford anything to go wrong this time. I have to see this marriage as successful as I don’t want Mahi to have any doubt, and asks him not to come infront of Mahi. Hema and Evan assure that there will be no problem. Evan says nobody told that who how history is made and says he will create itself.

Amla gains consciousness and recalls how Abeer saved her from goons. Doctor comes and checks her. She says Amla is in shock. Raghu asks if she will be fine. Doctor says yes and prescribes some medicine. Amla recalls Abeer’s care for her and his words you start walking, I am behind you. She recalls Abeer helping her in filling the form and giving her divorce papers for her happiness. Oh Piya Re plays…..Abeer smiles looking at her. Inspector comes and asks Amla how is she? He tells Abeer that you did wrong and haven’t informed me.

Abeer says they have just come home and tells that he had to take care of her first and then would have informed him. He shows her foot, she walked and covered a long distance. Inspector asks Amla to tell what forced her to leave the house. Abeer says you can question her later and says it is about family matter. Inspector says you came running to us when she left and says this is not a family matter, but Police case. Amla says it is our family matter, and I went to my friend’s house.

Inspector says that girl is pr*stitute whom you are calling her as friend. Amla says she is just my friend and I don’t care what she does in her personal life. Mando taunts Amla. Amla says strangers always helped her. Inspector asks Amla to tell what he asked. Amla says she went with her wish and now returned with her wish. She apologizes to him for the inconvenience. Inspector says ok and tells Abeer that your family fight finished, but not the case. He leaves.

Mando tells Amla that her tongue is sharp like knife and tells that the friend in whose house she has spent night is….Abeer says let it be, let her rest. Mando says she shall know and tells her that Anisha is Dev’s friend- lover.. Amla is shocked.


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 10th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Amla takes out the box which she kept safely with Dev’s memories and gifts and hits it with axe and burns the stuff and the box. Everyone is shocked. Mando tells Abeer that she did this to erase Dev’s name from her heart and says you can write yours now. Let my tongue be dirty, your life is set.

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