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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 9th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 9th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Amla comes near Abeer’s outhouse and says I want to talk to you. She says you were saying something to Karuna Aunty about Dev. She says I know Dev is after you and if he searches you, then he will kill you. She starts crying. Abeer couldn’t see her tears and tries to pacify her, but stops himself. Abeer asks her not to worry and says I will handle everything. He says Dev will not reach us, and says I will not do anything to you or me, don’t worry. Abeer says you think that I am worried about you. She says I pray daily that you go away from my sight. She asks how do you think that I have a soft corner for you and says even death sentence is less for a monster like you. She says I don’t want you to die with Dev’s hands as he will go to jail then and his life will be ruined. Abeer is shocked.

Amla says I want to save Dev and asks why don’t you leave from here. She asks him to go and never return back. Abeer asks why I shall fear Dev and run away. He says you can call me monster etc and asks where is he? Why did he leave you, if he would had been with you then I would not have been here. He says that sin happened with you and he brushed his responsibilities towards you. He says what do you think that he loves you, and says if he had really loved you then he would support you without caring about his respect. He says Dev is not coming to kill me, but you. He says Dev wants to kill you and I am standing between you both.

Amla throws stones on him and asks him to kill her. Abeer raises her hand to slap him, but stops himself. Mannu comes and gets angry on Abeer and bites on his hand. Raghu comes. Mannu tells him that Abeer tried to slap Amla. Raghu warns Abeer not to do this again. Abeer says I didn’t do anything. Mannu throws stones on him and says you are a bad guy. Abeer apologises, but he says the same thing. Mannu comes to Amla and says he has beaten Abeer with stones and says now he will not do anything to you. Amla hugs him. Mannu asks her not to cry and hugs her.

Viraj, Suveer and Evan are in the pub. Evan tells Suveer that he is getting mad handling Viraj. Suveer says he is tired to handle Mahi and her doubts. He says it is a limit to doubt. He asks what happened to Viraj. Evan says he has gone mad in Amla’s love and says we shall stop his nonsense. Viraj hears him and asks him to go, why you are tolerating me. Evan says you are unwell. Viraj asks are you my father and asks them to go. He says I am in this condition because of you both, I am regretting, my mother hates me and I myself hate me. Suveer asks him to listen. Viraj goes. Suveer sees Mahi standing.

Mahi comes and asks what Viraj was saying and why he was worried. She asks what happened to him. Evan says he has a fight with his parents and asks her to chill. Mahi says he was so depressed and asks why he was blaming you. Evan asks Suveer to handle her and goes. Mahi asks why does his mum hates him. Suveer says I don’t interfere in his personal life. Mahi asks if he will behave same way after marriage. Suveer asks her not to marry him if she don’t believe him. Mahi looks on.

Viren calls Mando and asks her to come with her husband and says they will go to registrar office. Mando asks her to bring new number for her. Viren asks shall I bring potato, onions etc. Mando says you said that you are our own people and says why I would have made Amla quiet for strangers. She blackmails him. He agrees to get new number for her. Mando takes out dharmshala house papers and asks Raghu not to tell anyone that they are going out. Raghu says he will tell Amla. Mando asks him not to tell Amla also. Raghu asks but what? Mando drinks tea and asks him to add one more spoon of sugar. She thinks once the house is sold, she will take bath in money.

Mahi comes to Suveer’s cabin and thinks to ask Viren seeing him. Viren is talking on phone and says Amla has a share in home and land also. Mahi hears and gets doubtful.


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 10th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Mahi follows Viren and sees Mando and Raghu with him. She comes to their house and sees Amla. Amla is shocked. Mahi asks did you recognize me.