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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 9th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 9th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Amla wakes up on sofa and sees Abeer sleeping on floor there itself. She admires him with love in her eyes for him. Hasi Bangaye Hai song plays. She gets up, gives pillow beneath his head. She looks at him and takes her hand from under his head. She covers him with bedsheet. She then looks at Ganapati. She comes back and prays infront of Ganapati. Abeer comes and stands beside her. He says I am Amla’s inner voice and tells Ganapati that they have won round 1 because of her dance and his blessings, but Abeer is stupid, mad, how he will make us win.

He asks Ganapati to make them win on Amla’s behalf. Amla asks if he is teasing her. Abeer says he is testing his talent to understand people’s heart attack. Amla says it is not real. Abeer says that’s why he came to Ganapati. Amla says Ganapati ji don’t accept bad people’s prayers. Abeer asks her to tell if he told wrong and says he saw her dancing well and says you don’t want to lose now. Amla asks him not to think and says you can’t dance in this condition and don’t know if you could sing. Abeer says that’s why I came to Ganapati ji for settlement. He says he told right but.

Evan calls someone (Mahi while she is getting ready to marry him, will fall in more big pit now and taking worst decision of her life) and asks if she is ready. She says she is ready.

Many neighbors gather to Amla and Abeer’s house. Raghu tells that Amla makes Gewar etc. Amla says everything is doing good. Karuna tells about the couples ranking in the first round. She says today’s round is Pati banenge make up man. Abeer asks what do you mean? Karuna asks all guys to do make up of their wives and style their hairs. Neighbor tells Amla that it seems Abeer don’t know make up. Abeer says face will be yours. Amla says you will make me joker. Abeer says he never tried even drawing before.

Evan and the mysterious girl (Mahi) comes to court and signs on the papers. Registrar congratulates them. All wives sit to get make up done by their respect husbands. Mando asks Raghu to do eye make up. Amla tries to help Abeer. Neighbor says it is not allowed. Amla says sorry. Abeer finds hard to do her make up.

Evan calls Rishan and asks what is the rasam of welcoming the bahu. He says he is bringing his wife and asks them to do arrangements. Evan asks Mahi to come as Chacha ji is waiting for them.

Rishan tells Raunaq that Evan called and said he is bringing bahu and asked them to do grah pravesh’s arrangements. He asks if he had gone mad. He says if this time is suitable for bad joke. Hema says when my son is bringing bahu, we shall welcome her. Raunaq asks Rishan to take Evan seriously. Rishan asks are you serious? Suveer is angry.

Raghu is doing make up of Mando. Abeer goes. Amla gets worried thinking where did he go? Just 5 mins is left now. Abeer comes back and takes off her bangles and earrings. Amla feels shy. Karuna says now we will see how the make up is done. Amla is seen with flower jewellery. They say she is looking like an angel. The couples say that she haven’t done make up. Abhi says she don’t need make up, as God made her beautiful already. One of the man says that this is cheating, and make up would have been done with make up stuff. Other woman says she is looking beautiful. Abeer says nobody is beautiful than her. Karuna says Dewana and Do Rahi both have done wonders, and says it is a tie between them.

Evan and Mahi get in lift. He calls Hema and says we are coming. Hema calls Pallavi and asks her to bring plate. Pallavi brings aarti plate. Hema does their aarti, asks veiled Mahi to kick the kalash. Mahi kicks the kalash and gets inside the house. Hema asks her to lift ghunghat as everyone wants to see her. Mahi lifts her ghunghat. Everyone is shocked. Suveer is much shocked. Evan smiles.


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 11th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Suveer asks how dare you Evan and threatens to kill him holding his collar. Evan slaps him hard. Rishan tries to slap Evan, but he holds his hand angrily.

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