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Laado 11th December 2017 Written Episode Update


Laado 11th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Laado 11th December 2017 Episode Start With Sheru telling Rantej that Revti damaged his eyes. Balwant says she can’t kill even a housefly and says she can’t do this, and says whoever have done this have to face the consequences. Amma ji comes home and washes her face. Saroja asks what did she do? Amma ji says she did a right work and asks if Anu have food. Saroja says no. Yuvraj comes home. Rantej informs him that someone had damaged Sheru’s eyes. Yuvraj says it was good, and asks what was the use of eyes which don’t have the respect for woman. Rantej says it seems he doesn’t know who did this.

Amma ji asks Anu to have food and says Saroja made her favorite food. Anu asks if she is happy to lock her in room. Amma ji says you are my wealth and asks her to go to Delhi and complete her studies. Anu agrees.

Amma ji hugs her. Anu says she will return Delhi with her. Amma ji’s smile vanishes. Anu says I am equally worried for you. Amma ji says she can take care of all village also and says her decision is final.

Anu calls Yuvraj and asks if he found sheru. Yuvraj says he met him, but he is in hospital as someone broke his eyes to take revenge. Anu says he is guilty, but he should have punished by law. She tells that Dadi is sending her to Delhi and asks him to tell the way to come out of house. Yuvraj says he will tell her.

Balwant says who had broken Sheru’s eyes? Rantej kicks Meera and asks her to go. Rantej laughs and says she can’t be and says we shall burn all Garibpur people. Balwant thinks about Amma ji and says if she is the one behind this. Malhari says even if tigress is old, then also she is a tigress. Rantej gets thinking.

Anu gets up in night and goes out. Amma ji sees her going and thinks I won’t let this happen. Meera stops Rantej and says she will clean his feet else he will fall due to oil. She asks him to leave amma ji on her own. Rantej scolds her and thinks to find out. Anu comes out of house. Amma ji follows her and says you can’t hide from me. Anu hears her and gets inside someone’s house. Amma ji searches for Anu and knocks on all houses. The villagers get up and asks why they are disturbing their sleep. Amma ji tells them that her grand daughter want to marry someone from different religion and she escaped from there. Anu is hiding beneath the bed. Yuvraj waits for her and calls her. Amma ji hears the call.

She says one house is not checked. Yuvraj thinks to go to her house and sits on his bike. Amma ji is about to check, when villager asks her to go and let them sleep. Amma ji says ok and goes. Anu sends message to Yuvraj, saying they will meet in the morning. Yuvraj sits on his bike and is going. Amma ji sees and calls him. Anu thinks sorry Dadi, you are hurt because of me, sorry Dadi. She sees mark on her hand and thinks until you are with me, I am not scared of anyone. Yuvraj looks at her bracelet and thinks about her, thinks she had saved me. Tu thodi der … plays….he says good night Anushka. Anushka says good night.


Laado 12th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap:A boy Monu sees Anushka who had seen Janvi and tells her. His mother catches Anu. Anu calls Yuvraj and asks him to come there. Before Monu can tell anything, he gets kidnapped.

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