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Laado 12th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Rantej And His Goons Beat Up Baldev, Monu Gets Kidnapped


Laado 12th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Laado 12th December 2017 Episode start with Amma ji coming back home and calls Anu. Saroja says she eloped with window. Amma ji says this is a old news and tells that she ran behind her, but she couldn’t find her. She says one girl is dead, and other girl left. Saroja asks her to come to mirror and tells that she is seeing Anu in her and says even she has courage like you and says she wants to get justice for Janvi. She says she is like you and knows how to make the way. Amma ji says we don’t know who is this Yuvraj? Saroja asks her to trust Anu and asks her not to think much. Amma ji says if Janvi would have been alive, then she wouldn’t have troubled me. Saroja says but she is your future.

Monu wakes up Anu and tells that her parents will come soon and asks her to go before they see her. She thanks him and is about to get up and her head get hit by the bed. Monu laughs. Anu thanks him. She asks where is the main road? She comes to road and thinks where did I see him? She realizes this is the same boy who had seen my Janvi. She again goes to Monu’s house. Monu says you came again. Anu shows Janvi’s pic and asks did you see her? Monu says yes and asks who were with her. Monu says they were bad people. Anu says she will give him chocolate if he tells her. Monu recollects and says may be they were 5. Anu asks are you sure? Monu says may be 4. Anu asks him to tell. Monu’s mum comes there and asks Anu to leave else she will call the villager and her Dadi. Anu asks her to listen to her, but the woman throws her out. Monu goes to play with his friend. Anu calls Yuvraj and asks him to meet her. He says ok and is leaving. Rantej asks are you searching Bhabhi ji for us. Yuvraj asks them to think whatever they want and says you will know soon. Rantej asks Ranveer to go behind yuvraj.

Rantej comes to the place and see his goons beating a man. Goon says he didn’t tell anything now. The man turns out to be Jaydev. Jaydev tells that Tai was singing bhajan at that time. The goons bring cow’s 1 year old urine and dips his face in it. Jaydev says no. They ask him to say the truth. Jaydev asks them to believe him and says Tai is not responsible, even if you kill me, then also truth will not change. Rantej says my doubt was right, Amma ji was not involved. Once they go, Amma ji comes and applauds for his courage and honesty for her. She applies ointment on his wound. He smiles. Amma ji says today you have proved that you can die for me also.

Yuvraj comes to meet Anu. Anu asks about his wound. Yuvraj asks where was she? Anu tells him that she got the boy who had seen the goons with Janvi. Ranveer hears him. Rantej tells Balwant that he has enquired and tells that Amma ji is not involved. Dhoomal says Amma ji can’t do this. Ranveer comes there running and calls Rantej. Balwant asks Dhoomal to enquire about Amma ji and asks him to trouble her life. Dhoomal says I understood and goes.

Anu and Yuvraj come to Monu’s house. Monu’s mum says you came again. Anu says I brought someone with me. She tells that Dadi lied to them to bring her back and says he is not my boyfriend or friend and is just helping me to get justice for my sister. Yuvraj hears her and says I am just helping her and says once her work is over, we will go our ways. Monu’s mum says you can just meet him once. Just then a boy comes and tells that Monu is kidnapped by a goon. Monu’s mum cries and says my mum. Yuvraj says you can’t fight with them alone. She says what to do then. Anu gives her strength and promises that nothing will happen to Monu. She says we will bring him back. Monu is in kidnappers’ jeep.


Laado 13th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Anu tells Yuvraj that she will go as he is kidnapped because of her. Yuvraj takes her and they follow the jeep. Yuvraj asks goon to leave Monu and beats him. While some other goon shoots at them.

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