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Laado 13th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Anu And Yuvraj Rescue Monu


Laado 13th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Laado 13th December 2017 Episode start With Yuvraj asking Anu to get down from his bike and says he will not take her. Anu says if you don’t take me then I will take lift from someone. Yuvraj asks her to sit. Rantej asks Ranveer about Anu. Ranveer says our men had kidnapped Monu and Yuvraj and Janvi’s sister are following them. He calls the goon. Goon tells that Yuvraj is riding bike fast. Rantek takes the phone and asks them to get down the jeep and get inside the jungle with boy. Anu asks Yuvraj to drive more fast. Rantej says I forgot to tell them the secret way, where we used to play. Anu and Yuvraj find the jeep empty and think where they have taken Monu. Yuvraj says there are three ways here. Anu finds chocolate cover and shows to Yuvraj. Yuvraj says Monu is smart and tells that they shall go through secret way.

Anu asks how do you know? Yuvraj says he and his brothers used to play in childhood. Ranveer gets goon’s call who tells that Yuvraj got confused. Anu feels pain in her feet as it gets hurt. She says how we will reach Monu. Yuvraj lifts her and takes her. Anu thanks him and says you said that we are not friends. Yuvraj says you said first. Anu says the way you are helping me, even friend can’t help. Thodi der aur theher jaa plays….Anu says now she can walk. She says Dadi said wrong things about them. Yuvraj says Dadi helped you reached Monu. Anu says Dadi is special.

Saroja says vegetable seller asked her to buy 2 potatoes for Rs. 100. Amma ji says he found a good way not to give potatoes. Jaydev says he is hungry. Amma ji says I will make lassi for you. She recalls Janvi liking lassi made by her and a fb is shown. Just then electricity is gone, Amma ji says Balwant Chaudhary got scared since that incident happened with Sheru. Jaydev asks did you do this with Sheru. Amma ji says no. Jaydev says they are hungry. Jhunki comes there and says she brought food for them. They get happy. Jhunki hugs Saroja. Amma ji blesses her and says she will make electricity return. Saroja says electricity circiuit is beside the cow shed. Amma goes there with Jaydev. Jaydev asks why did we come here? Amma ji says didn’t you steal anytime and says we will cut Balwant Chaudhary’s electricity who got our electricity cut. She asks him to cut the electricity.

Monu asks goons to leave them and says he wants to go to his mum’s house. Yuvraj and Anu come there, and asks goon to leave the boy. He beats the goon while the other goon is hiding. He asks him to tell who asked him to do this. Jaydev says he can’t cut the wire. Amma ji says she will cut and asks him to get down. Ranveer gets goon’s call and he tells that the other goon is caught and puts phone on charging. Rantej asks him to pick the boy and escape from there. Goon says he can’t do anything infront of Yuvraj. Rantej is about to tell him what to do, but the phone gets switched off as electricity goes. Amma ji plays…Yuvraj beats the goon and asks him to tell who was that goons who raped and killed Janvi. Anu asks him to say. Goon is about to tell him when the other goon shoots him and escapes. Anu is shocked. Monu gets scared. Yuvraj says don’t know who shot him and goes. Amma ji returns home. Saroja asks how did you manage to get electricity back. Balwant Chaudhary family are in darkness. Rantej beats the goon who killed the goon caught by yuvraj. Rantej’s brother gets call and says they got Anu, Yuvraj and Monu’s address.

Yuvraj and Anu come to the lodge and asks for a room. Anu says we want two rooms. Yuvraj says I don’t wish to spend night with same rooms as yours and tells that the goons were dangerous and killed their own goon. Anu says she won’t let anything happen to Monu. Anu says rooms will be 2. Monu asks Anu to agree and says he is scared, asks him to keep Yuvraj with them. Rantej asks the goon to go with other goons and kidnap the boy or kill him without coming in Yuvraj’s eyes.
Anu asks the manager to book 1 room. He says good, parents and child in one room. Anu says we are not family, and then stops as Yuvraj signs her.


Laado 14th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Yuvraj and Anu dances to cheer up scared Monu. Goons come there and open the door.

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