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Laado 14th December 2017 Written Episode Update


Laado 14th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Laado 14th December 2017 Episode Start With Monu telling Anu that he wants to eat something else. Anu says ok, she will order something else. Yuvraj says so many things are ordered already. Monu says I want to go to my parents. Anu says you have to stay here for your safety. Yuvraj says you talks like lawyer even with kids. Anu asks wow, how thoughtful and asks what girls shall know. Yuvraj says he don’t have any bad habits. Anu says if guys are not same then gals are also not same. Monu eats the food hearing them fighting and says you both are fighting like my parents. Yuvraj says you would have told us that you need entertainment.

He plays the song on his mobile and dances with Anu. Teri orr plays….Anu and Yuvraj feel love for each other while dancing. Anu gets emotional and cries. Monu tells her that he has finished ll samosas and asks her not to cry. Yuvraj asks what happened? Anu says when Janvi and she was small, Dadi used to dance for them and Janvi used to get happy. Anu goes out of room and cries. Yuvraj follows her and asks if she cries like this, then all her glow will go. Anu asks why he talks negative always. Yuvraj asks her to hear carefully and asks her to talk to Dadi. Anu says Dadi doesn’t like you. Anu says I haven’t given her a chance to like me. Anu says she is feeling good. Yuvraj says Monu slept. Anu asks him to sleep as well.

Anu calls Amma ji. Amma ji picks the call. Anu asks how are you? Amma ji says I will be angry until you comes home. Anu tells her that she got eye witness who saved Janvi with goons. Amma ji says you and that witness are in danger. Anu says she is not alone, Yuvraj is with her. Goons come there. Anu sees the goons coming and tells Amma ji that she will talk to her later. Amma ji thinks why this guy is helping her. Anu runs to room and tells Yuvraj that goons are coming over there and they have guns in their hands. Anu and Yuvraj hide behind the bed with Monu. Goons search for them and go out. Yuvraj asks Anu to get up carefully. They come out of their room. Yuvraj, Anu and Monu hides. Goons think where they went? Rantej asks how did they escape from the room. Ranveer says we shall tell their father. Rantej says I am sure that they are in the hotel and asks him to call Yuvraj’s phone, says if they are in hotel, then our goons will catch them. Yuvraj phone rings. Goons get alert and see them running out. Anu sees the jeep with keys.

Yuvraj comes to Police station with Anushka and Monu. They tell that Monu is eye witness. Inspector assures to catch the culprits. Anu gets emotional and thinks about Janvi and Amma ji. Yuvraj says your mission will be fulfilled. Monu’s mum and dad comes there. Her mum accuses Anu for kidnapping their son. Anu says we have saved him and asks Monu to tell. Inspector asks Anu not to separate boy from his parents and asks Yuvraj to tell her. Anu tries to stop them. Yuvraj tells Anu that someone threatened them and says they will not sacrifice their son for your dead sister. Anu cries. Yuvraj consoles her. Ranveer comes out from hiding and calls Rantej, says work is done. Rantej says it is good that work is done before Bapu came to know. Balwant asks what he did.

Rantej tells that he made eye witness boy keep quiet. Balwant says if Yuvraj comes to know then everything will be ruined. He tells that all their black business and gold smuggling owner name is Yuvraj. He says if we get caught then Yuvraj will be trapped and we will be just relatives. Rantej says that’s why you used to take his signs and asks why you didn’t let me know. Just then Balwant gets Imli’s call and she invites him to Azaad gunj. He says ok, I will come and asks Rantej to make arrangements to go to Azaad gunj.


Laado 15th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : In tomorrow’s Maha Sangam Episode: Anu gets Ashok Ahuja’s name in the lodge register. She falls in the pit. Chakor saves her. Anu tells her about Janvi. Suraj comes and says nobody will go anywhere.

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