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Laado 14th March 2018 Written Episode Update

Rantej Gets Yuvraj Arrested


Laado 14th March 2018 Written Episode Update on

Laado 14th March 2018 Episode Start With Yuvraj seeing Malhari crying seeing Ranvir’s pic. Malhari says he went since a month. Yuvraj says I will bring him and promises her. Malhari hopes Ranvir returns home and says you will go from here. Anu asks Meera about shrikhand and says it is good. Meera says she has made shrikhand for Vishal as tomorrow is his birthday. Anu says it is not wrong to make something for friends. Yuvraj comes there and asks where is Ranvir?

Anu says she knows but will not tell him. Meera says Anu has saved his life. Anu says he is fine and taking breath. Yuvraj blames Anu. Anu asks him to leave. Meera asks him to have water. Yuvraj says you left your husband when he needed you the most. He says there is no difference between you and Anu. Anu asks him to leave. She throws him out of house. Meera finds is mobile.

Rantej tells Malhari that he has ruined Yuvraj’s business and doing all illegal work. Malhari asks him to trap him. Inspector checks the truck and finds drugs and bombs. Driver tells that the truck belongs to Yuvraj. Meera tells Vishal about Yuvraj. Vishal says you don’t need to give clarification to anyone. He gives her handkerchief. Meera sees film tickets and is surprised.

Vishal says you said that you haven’t watched film in theatre. Meera takes the tickets. Anu thinks to go and return Yuvraj’s phone. Yuvraj searches for his phone. Anu comes and calls him. Inspector comes and says you are under arrest. Malhari blames Anu.

Yuvraj says Anu might have brought police. Inspector says she is not related to case and tells about catching his drugs and weapons truck. Yuvraj is shocked and says he is trapped. Anu checks warrant. Yuvraj says I am innocent. Malhari says he is very innocent. Anu says I understand everything and says Balwant Chaudhary kept you away so that you can do illegal activities. She asks Inspector to take him. Malhari smirks. Yuvraj is taken in jeep.

Police takes him to police station. Constable says I will take him. Inspector asks him to be careful. Constable says you have to spend a night here. Yuvraj says my brothers have spent many nights here. Constables take him to secret luxury lock up. Yuvraj asks what is this?

Constable says Rantej and his brothers had stayed here. Other Constables tells that Rantej told them in style about raping Janvi. He says he praises Rantej and says nobody could find out about her murderer.


Laado 15th March 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Yuvraj comes to apologize to Anu, but she don’t listen to him. Meera calls Yuvraj and says she is getting married. Anu says he will tell Rantej. Rantej comes there and sees Meera taking rounds, he gets angry and shouts Meera.

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