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Laado 14th November 2017 Written Episode Update


Laado 14th November 2017 Written Episode Update on

Laado 14th November 2017 Episode Start With Anushka telling Amma ji about everything. Amma ji is silent. Anushka asks him why she is not scolding her. Amma ji says your internship will stay in 3 days. Anushka tells that she don’t want to go now and asks why do you want to send me to hostel. Amma ji says she will handle here and asks her to concentrate on her studies. She asks if you will not listen to me. Anu touches her feet and wipes her tears. Amma ji sees Janvi’s pic and recalls the happy moments. Amma ji plays.. Anu tells Saroja why Dadi is sending her away from her. Saroja says your Dadi is not weak and can handle herself, I am with her and asks her to go. Saroja asks driver to drive slowly. Anu goes to hostel.

Amma ji holds Janvi’s kalash. Saroja asks if she is going to Veerpur. Amma ji says yes. Saroja asks what is in Veerpur. Amma ji asks her to decide to come or not. They leave for Veerpur.

Meera comes to Rantej and Champa’s room and wakes him up. He holds her neck and asks why did you disturb my sleep. Meera says you shouldn’t had killed that Delhi girl and says she is sensing as if storm is going to come. Rantej asks her not to get closer to him by making excuse and says he will not leave Champa so soon. Meera says I am warning you as I love you. Rantej looks upset. Champa hears them silently.

Amma ji and Saroja come to Veerpur. Amma ji comes to the river and thinks about Janvi. She tells Saroja that Janvi’s life ended here and I will started my journey from here. Saroja asks what she is saying? Amma ji tells that years ago she has done many crimes because of which, janvi is snatched from her. She says she thought due to her bhakti, everything good will happen. She says just as Janvi thought of Veerpur in dreams, she will make place as such and tells that then she will get mukti.

Villagers checking their grains and says this year it was good. Rantej comes there and asks his men to burn the fields. Man gets tensed and cries and asks him to have some pity on them. He asks his brother to bring chairs for him. Rantej asks villagers to tell their wives to show their faces. Villagers ask him not to do this with them. Rantej asks his goons to bring the women. Amma ji is going from there in car and hears Rantej’s laughing. She asks driver to stop the car. Goons asks women to lick Rantej’s feet. Amma ji comes there.

Rantej looks at her. Amma ji plays. Amma ji asks it seems your mum have not given you bath and that’s why you are asking these women clean you. Rantej asks who are you and asks her to clean her specs, and asks her to leave else he will make her lick his feet. Amma ji says she will clean her specs, but also will not let the women veil be lifted. Rantej says if not ghunghat then I will open other things. Amma ji asks him to touch and see. Rantej tells her that he will kill her and asks her to take Ram’s name for last time. He is about to hold her neck, but before that Amma ji holds his shoulder tightly and pierces her nails in him. Rantej feels pain and falls down. Goons are about to go near her, but Amma ji shouts at them. She kicks Rantej and asks him to take a bath. She says I am sensing that this is not our last meeting and says she will remember his naag eyes. She asks them to move their car from their way and walks away.


Laado 15th November 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Amma ji swears to protect women and girls. She sits in her house in Veer pur.

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