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Laado 15th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Mahasangam Udaan and Laado 9:30 to 10 pm.


Laado 15th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Laado 15th December 2017 Episode start With Suraj stopping Chakor and Anu and says Imli ordered that nobody will go from here. Chakor says this order is for me and not for Anu. Suraj says she came from Veerpur. Chakor asks him to let her go. Suraj says Imli ordered him to bring him. Chakor stops him and asks Anu to run. Suraj tries to suffocate her, but Anu hits on his head and asks Chakor to come. Suraj faints. Chakor ties her dress cloth and tells Anu that Suraj is her husband who has a memory loss. Anu says you loves him so much. Chakor says I can help you.

Anu says we have to go to that jalsa. Chakor says we have to make a plan to get the enemy. Imli’s men ask Ahuja to tell what is the prove against Rantej. He says he don’t have any proofs. Imli comes there and asks them to keep trying, and says if they don’t open their mouth then kill them. I will tell Balwant that I have killed them with proofs. Amma ji asks Jaydev to come and says it seems we are late. Jaydev’s scooter don’t start. Amma ji kickstarts it and drives. Yuvraj thinks to talk to Amma ji about Anu. Balwant and Rantej comes there. Imli and Ranvijay welcomes them.

Balwant asks if his work is done. Chakor and Anu dances on the song. Suraj comes there and informs Imli that Chakor and Anu eloped. Imli slaps him and says they must be here and asks the goons to search them. Ranvijay asks Suraj to go and get them. Chakor says how we will go there. Anu says there is a solution and picks the broom. She comes to Ahuja’s room where they were kept captive and tells goons that imli called them and is in trouble. The goons go leaving Ahuja and his wife there.

Chakor gives some key to Anu and says this seems to be important. Ahuja gives mobile and says it has all the proofs which can get justice for your sister. Chakor asks them to go safely with kishore kaka, and says we will divert them. Ranvijay slaps the goons. Balwant says Amma ji’s grand daughter must have eloped with Anushka. Imli says Chakor can’t go away from my sight and says she will bring his enemy dead or alive.

Jaydev and Amma ji come near the temple. Amma ji says last time anu called from temple. Yuvraj asks Pandit if he saw Anu. Pandit says no. Amma ji thinks she must search Yuvraj and thinks Anu must be with her. Just then Yuvraj comes infront of her. Amma ji asks where he has hidden Anu? Yuvraj says he dropped her here and she said she will go to you. Amma ji says then where she is gone. Chakor and Chagan drops Anu somewhere. Anu says she has to reach Yuvraj and show him proofs. Chakor gives her best wishes. Amma ji blames Yuvraj and asks him to be far from Anu.

Yuvraj says I can’t leave her. Anu sees the video in which she sees Rantej’s face and see them kidnapping Janvi from the lodge. She thinks this is the same man who was in haveli sometime back and thinks she got the proofs and will get justice for Janu. Amma ji asks why you are sticking to my daughter. Yuvraj says I love her. Amma ji says love..and asks him to understand her words, and asks him to stop watching films and says she won’t let his love story complete and says you don’t know who I am? Yuvraj says I know who are you? You are Veerpur’s great Amma ji. Amma ji turns and looks at him.


Laado 18th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Yuvraj tells her that Anu doesn’t know about you, but I know how you became Amma ji from Bhagwani Devi. Amma ji looks on.

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