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Laado 15th March 2018 Written Episode Update

Yuvraj Decides To Support Anushka


Laado 15th March 2018 Written Episode Update on

Laado 15th March 2018 Episode Start With Rantej getting happy to see the money and jewellery. Malhari asks him to call lawyer and get bail for him. Rantej asks why? Malhari says you have ruined his business and says one day he will return everything to him. Dushyant asks him to do as Malhari said. Yuvraj is shocked to know about Rantej’s truth. Khadak Singh scolds Constable for ruining Rantej’s name and asks him to apologize to him. Yuvraj holds Khadak Singh’s collar. Khadak singh says Balwant Chaudhary don’t want you to know the truth and that’s why I have hidden the fact. Yuvraj gets tears in his eyes.

Meera tells Anu that Yuvraj can’t do anything wrong. Anu says you closes your eyes when their matters’ come. She says he was blaming you. Meera says he don’t know the truth and was sad as we left. Anu says he was kicking me out, so that’s why I left. Meera asks what happened to you when he came infront of you, pain was visible. Yuvraj thinks Anu was right from the beginning and thinks he will make everything right. He calls Rantej. Rantej asks how are you? Yuvraj asks him to take him out from there. Rantej says we will make you come out once court opens in morning. Yuvraj ends the call. Rantej says Yuvraj has called us who is responsible for his condition. Anu thinks about Yuvraj and is about to call, but stops.

In the morning, Yuvraj comes out of jail. Rantej and Malhari are waiting outside. Malhari says only you can handle our family. Rantej says I have done so much hard work to bail you out. Yuvraj says you would have taken efforts to catch the culprit. Rantej says it was truck driver’s mistake. Yuvraj says Tai ji, we will go without Rantej. They go. Rantej tells Tej that Yuvraj’s behavior is changed. Tej says Inspector said Yuvraj didn’t talk to anyone. They see Meera talking to Vishal. Vishal offers to drop Meera home. Meera says she will go by walk. Rantej comes to her and says you got new lover.

Rantej asks Vishal what people will say if he accepts someone’s left over thing. Meera says now we are divorced and have nothing to do with each other. Rantej says you have an identity of my abandoned wife. Vishal says wrong and says he will give identity to Meera. Meera sits on his bike and goes.. Tej gets message and says they are in trouble. Rantej reads that someone has proofs against them and asks them to come to secluded place. They come there. Nobody is there. Tej says if anyone has CD then we will be ruined. Rantej says no jail can keep them captive, they laugh. Yuvraj hears them.


Laado 16th March 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Rantej comes to know about meera’s marriage and comes to temple. Mardani gang tries to stop and fights with them. Rantej pushes one of the woman and comes to temple where Meera and Vishal are taking rounds. He is about to kill Meera with his sword. Meera shouts.

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