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Laado 15th November 2017 Written Episode Update


Laado 15th November 2017 Written Episode Update on

Laado 15th November 2017 Episode Start With Amma ji gets down the car and asks Saroja if she will not welcome her in her house. Saroja says my house. Amma ji says I know that your sons and daughter in laws don’t behave with you well and says she came to change Veerpur, and will start with her house. She asks her to tell about her family names. Saroja says my elder son Sukhdev is his wife Sunehri’s ghulaam. My second son became sanyasi and his wife Jhunki is waiting for him even now. My third son is clean hearted, but not courageous. Amma ji calls their names. Saroja’s sons and daughter in law are surprised to see her. Sunehri says you would have called us. Saroja says if I had called then you would have been in your mayka. Jhunki asks Saroja how is she? Saroja says Janvi left and they are unhappy.

Amma ji asks them to touch her feet as well. They greet her. Amma ji asks them to start their day after touching Saroja’s feet and begin the work. Sunehri says why we will do that. Amma ji asks her to make kaju, badaam milk. Amma ji asks Saroja to show her room. Sukhdev says she is right, we shall give respect to her. Sunehri says amma ji is hard hearted woman, one grand daughter is killed and she left her other grand daughter. Anu is in her hostel and thinks about Janvi. She thinks Janvi telling her that Yuvraj helped her. She calls on that number. Yuvraj is seen punishing his friend for lying to him and tied him in the well. He sees Anushka’s call and gets reminded of Janvi. He thinks don’t remind me of my failure and ends the call. He then cuts the rope and his friend falls in the well. Yuvraj throws his phone in well and asks him to bring phone if he returns. Anu’s friend Suman comes to her and asks her to do internship with J B Ajmani. She says when Janvi came to know this, she got excited and asks her to wear the dress.

Saroja takes Amma ji to room and says she talked to Suman and says Anu is silent since she went there. She says you shouldn’t have sent here. Amma ji says I don’t need your suggestion. She asks if I will stay here. Saroja says you came take my room, but it is small. Amma ji says big or small room don’t matter to her and tells that she wants a room from where she can see Veerpur clearly. She wants a room with window opening to Veerpur. She says Garib pur is just the middle way. Saroja says there is just one such room. Amma ji comes to Sunehri’s room and sees Veerpur through window. She asks Sunehri to pack her curtains and other things. Sunehri asks why? Amma ji says this room is mine now and blackmails her saying if everyone come to know about her father’s young mistress then nobody will marry her sister. Sunehri gets tensed. Amma ji asks her to pack her stuff. Sunehri asks how do you know about me. Amma ji says I knows about everyone. Sunehri ays I am scared. Amma ji asks her to enjoy. Amma ji plays…

Rantej writhes in pain. Meera brings lep for him. Rantej’s mum curses Amma ji. His goon friends enquire about Amma ji. Balwant comes there and asks him not to apply lep. He says man’s pain is his weapon and asks him to kill her and wash the black spot from his face with her blood else you are not my son. Rantej says I will not be silent until I kill her, she has woken up a naag, and says he will end her family members. Meera asks him not to do anything. He asks her to stay silent.

Anu thinks she needs to get justice for Janvi rather than doing internship. She thinks she shall talk to Yuvraj. Just then Yuvraj calls him and asks why you are calling me again and again. Anu says she is Anushka, Janvi’s sister. Yuvraj is shocked and recalls trying to save her. Anu says I wants to know about those men and get justice for Janvi. He feels bad and recalls Janvi. He says he tried to rescue her, but failed. Yuvraj says for the first time, I have failed. Anu says I am sure that you can help me and says you have seen her, and knows that she was so innocent. She says she wants justice for Janvi and asks for his help. Yuvraj says if she is coming to Veerpur then shall come before sunsets. Anu decides to go to Veerpur.


Laado 16th November 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : A man asks Amma ji not to try to be young in old days. Amma ji comes to jungle to test her skills. She shoots a flying crow. Anu and Yuvraj are on bike and stop hearing gun shot.

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