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Laado 18th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Anu Gets Proofs Against Rantej And His Gang, Doubts Yuvraj


Laado 18th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Laado 18th December 2017 Episode Start With Yuvraj confessing his love to Amma ji for Anushka. Amma ji asks him to forget Anu and says you don’t need me. Yuvraj tells her that he knows that she is Veerpur Amma ji who ruled here for years and tortured the villagers, and says Anu doesn’t know about you. Amma ji asks him to tell clearly. Yuvraj says I know everything about you and says history repeats itself, and says you have burnt many house and now burning in that same fire.

He tells that Janvi’s real criminal is you, and says Anu doesn’t know that terror shop is you. Amma ji says you can’t become horse rider if sat on horse for sometime. She says you didn’t read my history well and says I won’t let you blackmail me. Yuvraj asks her to think what Anu will think when she comes to know the truth. He says Anu will go far away from you and asks her to let her go with him, who loves her dearly, and says may be you will lose her too. Jaydev comes and asks if you talked to Anu. Amma ji says she will talk to Anu.

Anu calls Yuvraj and tells him that she came to know about Janvi’s criminals with proofs. Yuvraj asks when did you come to know. Anu says I will tell you after meeting you. She says she is in Azaad gunj and coming with bus. He asks her to take care and says he is worried for her. Anu smiles. Yuvraj says he wants to talk to her in the evening. Just then her phone gets switched off. Anu gets inside the bus and gets phone from someone, and calls Amma ji. She tells her that she got proofs against Janvi’s criminals. Amma ji is shocked. Yuvraj tells Balwant that Anushka got proofs. Malhari Devi coughs. Balwant says if she knows the truth then her life is in danger. He asks about her. Yuvraj says she is in Bus. Amma ji asks Anu if she told about the proofs to others. Anu says she told to Yuvraj also.

Amma ji gets shocked and asks her to get down from the bus, and take another bus. She returns the phone to the passenger. Balwant tells Bus no. to her sons and asks them not to let the girl reach Veerpur. Ranveer asks about Yuvraj. Balwant asks him to kill both of them which shocks Ranveer, Rantej and other son. Yuvraj thinks about Balwant saying that Anu’s life is in danger and is riding the bus. Rantej or his goons hits Yuvraj’s bike. He flies in air and falls down far on road. The bomb blasts in Anu’s bus. Jaydev comes to Amma ji and informs her about the bomb blast in Veer pur bus. Amma ji shouts and says my girl…she comes to the spot and checks the dead bodies.

Anu comes there and hugs her. Amma ji says you did right by agreeing to me. Anu says I am safe because of you. Amma ji doubts on Yuvraj. Anu also doubts on him and says this can’t happen.
Amma ji brings Anu home. Anu thinks about Yuvraj and cries. She tells Amma ji that she doesn’t know how she fell in his trap, and says she took his help who is with criminals. Amma ji says he played a big conspiracy, but it was all ruined. Anu says I have proof and I want you to see. Amma ji says everyone will be punished including Yuvraj. Anu says yes, that Yuvraj too. She shows the proofs. Amma ji sees Rantej, Ranveer, and their other brother kidnapping Janvi along with goons help and taking her in car. Amma ji cries.


Laado 19th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Inspector comes to Balwant’s house and tells that he has to arrest them. Later they have party. Amma ji thinks to get justice for herself and comes to Balwant’s party and fires the gun.

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