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Laado 19th December 2017 Written Episode Update


Laado 19th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Laado 19th December 2017 Episode Start With Amma ji sees Rantej in the video and takes his name. Anu asks do you know him? Amma ji recalls and tells that she doesn’t know him. Anu cries. Amma ji pacifies her and tells that they had harmed enough, it is their turn now. Balwant massages Rantej’s hairs and says my son is enjoying getting hair massage from me. Rantej says he is feeling peace killing Anu. Meera and Komal comes there. Rantej asks Meera and Komal to wear white clothes and go to see Yuvraj’s dead body. He laughs. Meera and Komal are shocked. The goon comes to Rantej and says the girl was not in the bus when the bomb exploded, and says she is with her Dadi. Malhari is shocked. Rantej says he will go there. Balwant asks Rantej not to get angry and tells that he will do something.

Jaydev comes to Amma ji and says he can’t put oil in his gun. Amma ji scolds him and determines to kill Rantej. Anu talks to Janvi’s pic and says she will get justice for her, and will give proofs to Police. She thinks of Amma ji’s words that Yuvraj knew about her bus. She thinks she trusted him wrongly and he betrayed her, and tried to kill her.

Komal and Meera come to see Yuvraj in hospital who is critical. He gains consciousness and asks about Anu, then faints again. Meera tells Komal that Yuvraj will be fine and asks her not to tell him anything. Amma ji thinks to get justice for Janvi before Anu gets the criminals arrested. Anu comes there and asks her to come to Police station with her. Amma ji says she can’t come with her as she can’t answer Police questions. Anu says she will take Jaydev and Saroja.

Anu comes to Police station and shows the proofs to Inspector. She says it is upto you how fast you arrests them. Amma ji comes to Temple and says I came here today to tell you that I will take my own justice. She says Veerpur’s mardani will be standing infront of criminals now and plays the shank. The villager stops and sees her. She applies big tilak and folds her hands. The people of Garibpur recognizes her as Amma ji. They fold their hands. Amma ji takes the gun and walks away.

Inspector Kewar Singh comes to Balwant and says Anushka showed the proofs, he has to arrest. Balwant asks him to do his duty. Rantej asks him to leave them. Inspector says he can delay the arrest till evening. Balwant tells Rantej that a man becomes complete when he goes to jail. He asks them to have party. Rantej hugs Balwant.

Komal comes to meet Anushka and tells her that Yuvraj is in hospital and is critical. Anu is shocked. Komal asks her to come and meet him.

Balwant tells his goon to make sure Amma ji don’t interfere in her son’s jashn. Rantej, his brothers and goons have party and wine. Goon says Sapna Chaudhary came to dance. She dances on Babu ji song. Rantej and goons dance with her. Balwant’s goon sees Amma ji coming and changes the sign board. Amma ji is coming there. Rantej dances with the dancer. Police is coming there. Amma ji comes and shoots at Rantej’s wine bottle. Amma ji plays…Rantej sees blood on his hand.


Laado 20th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Amma ji says if she had known that they had raped her grand daughter, then she would have killed him when they first met. Inspector comes there and asks Rantej to get arrest to be saved from Amma ji. Anu comes to meet Rantej in police lock up. Rantej says what do you think that we will not be out. Anu says you will to get hanged. Rantej laughs and says they will leave be free in first hearing.

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