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Laado 1st December 2017 Written Episode Update

Balwant And Amma Ji Come Face To Face


Laado 1st December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Laado 1st December 2017 Episode starts with Amma ji talking to Anu and says if anything happens to me then who will take care of you. Anu says nothing will happen to you and I will take care of you. Amma ji blesses her. Anu says tomorrow is Janvi’s 13th day. Amma ji asks her not to leave her studies for coming there. Anu ends the call and thinks circumstances made her far from her. Amma ji thinks she is in Garibpur and doing Janvi’s 13th day without Anu, and thinks she will be safe. Balwant, Dushyant, Rantej, Ranveer and others say cheer as they snatched Garibpur. Balwant praises Rantej and lowers Ranveer. Yuvraj comes there and says he heard that they will be ruling on Garibpur now. Rantej asks what is your problem. Yuvraj says you are taking advantage of girl’s helplessness. Balwant says they have taken a decision so that nobody dare to eye Garibpur again. Goon comes and says I want to talk to you. Rantej asks him to tell later.

Ranveer asks the goon what happened? Yuvraj hears him. Ranveer changes the topic. Once yuvraj goes, goon tells him that a girl is enquiring about Janvi’s case. Ranveer asks him to take goons and threaten her. Janvi is sleeping in the lodge room. He gets dream about Janvi asking her to save her. She wakes up scared and goes to washroom. Just then goons enter her room through window and looks for her. Anu switches off light of washroom and calls yuvraj. She asks him to come to her guest house and says some men entered her room, asks him to come there. Yuvraj is shocked.

Goon hears her voice and comes towards washroom. Anu is scared and ends the call. Yuvraj runs on road to come there. Goon opens the washroom door and looks for her. Anu is hiding behind the washroom. Yuvraj comes to lodge. Goon says it seems she might have went out to enquire about janvi’s murder and says they shall come again later. Yuvraj comes there and calls Anu. Anu says she is in washroom. He comes inside and sees her scared. He helps her get up. Anu says you said right, they were dangerous and hugs him. Shower water starts. They look at each other. He gives her towel and says there is nobody here. Anu thinks how can it be possible. She says sorry and says may be I saw bad dream. She says Revti’s screams haunts me and says may be same goons were involved. Yuvraj says we will meet Garibpur girl in the morning and asks her to sleep. Anu says she had locked the window and now it is open. Yuvraj says may be you closed it in dream and asks her to sleep. He goes.

Amma ji is making preparation for janvi’s 13th day death anniversary. Saroja asks her why you are landing yourself in trouble. Amma ji asks her to lock herself. Balwant and his goons come to Garibpur. Balwant Chaudhary come there and see Janvi’s pic and havan kund. He looks at Amma ji from behind and asks her to show her face. Amma ji is doing the puja. Balwant comes near her and is shocked to see her face. He recalls Amma ji’s powers and gets shocked. He asks Dushyant to send everyone out and close the door. Amma ji completes the puja. Balwant says Veerpur is freed from your terror since 20 years. He says now I understood why Dhoomal was raising voice. He says today Veerpur’s Amma ji needs my pity.


Laado 4th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Balwant Chaudhary tells Amma ji that Veerpur goons had raped and killed Janvi. Later he tells Garibpur people that he will rule on them. Yuvraj and Anu are seen coming closer.

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