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Laado 20th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Anu Slaps Rantej Hard


Laado 20th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Laado 20th December 2017 Episode Start With Rantej asking Amma ji to control her old age. Amma fights with the goon who is attacking at her back. She tells Rantej that she identified animal inside him when they first met, and says if I had known that you had raped my daughter then I would have killed you then itself. She is about to shoot him. Rantej break wine bottle on the gun. Amma ji drops gun. Inspector comes there and asks what is happening here? Rantej tells him that old woman attacked him. Inspector says he came to take him to lock up. Rantej says Bapu said that man becomes complete when go to jail. Amma ji goes from there and shoots at Rantej’s pic. Inspector asks Rantej not to look back at danger. Rantej says he had fun with Janvi, soon he will kill Anu and Amma ji. Inspector takes him for his safety.

Anu comes to Yuvraj, takes glass and throws there. She accuses him for trying to kill him to wipe the proofs. She says only two people knew about me, Dadi and you. She says she agreed to dadi and get down the bus. Yuvraj asks what you are saying? Anu says you just acted to save your guilty friends. She says you can fool the world and not me. She says you can’t protect your friends and they will be punished. She says she is waiting for the day when they get hanged by Police. She says truth is won and pushes the ventilalor support. Yuvraj couldn’t take breath and falls down from the bed. Anu goes without looking back.

Komal comes and sees him unconscious. Anu comes to Police station. Rantej asks if she came to spend night with him. Anu says your position is bad than circus joker and says it seems Rantej is in shock. Rantej says what do you think that we will be here. Anu says she is feeling pity on him and his thinking. Rantej holds her hairs and says you would have seen how we raped her and she was pleading infront of her to leave her. He asks her not to worry and says they will do same thing with her too. Anu slaps him. Rantej says this is the invitation from you. Janvi slapped us, and you did the same mistake. We will do the same thing with you. They all laugh. Anu goes.

Balwant tells Malhari if Police haven’t come then Rantej would have been killed. Malhari worries for him. Balwant says he must be enjoying and says he will free him soon. Malhari says she will kill Anushka with her hand. Komal comes and says Rantej went to jail with his wish and Yuvraj is in hospital and critical and you are not worried for him. Malhari says who asked Yuvraj to help that girl. Komal says he was just helping her. Balwant shouts and tells that everyone shall make Yuvraj believe that Rantej and his brothers are innocent. Everyone nods. Anu comes home and washes her neck and hands. Amma ji says you are sacred and asks her not to feel bad. Anu says they have hurt janvi much.

Anu comes to Temple with Amma ji and asks about her wound. Amma ji is about to tell, when Komal takes Anu with her. Komal tells her that because of you ventilator was off. She shows her reports and tells that Yuvraj met with an accident as he tried to help her. She tells that Yuvraj was driving bike so fast to reach you that he met with an accident and doctors saved him with much difficulty. She asks her to stay away from him and goes. Anu is shocked. She comes to Amma ji and tells that Yuvraj is innocent in bus attack and says I thought he can’t do this and he came out clean. She says I shall apologize to him and thanks the God. Amma ji is shocked and thinks you fell in his love and thinks to separate her from him.


Laado 21st December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Anu tells Amma ji that she is going to hospital to meet Yuvraj. She comes to the hospital and meets Yuvraj. She apologizes to him and says she will come again. She takes cab and the driver makes her smell chloroform. Later she is seen in Rantej’s godown.

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